I want to learn Spanish

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I was born into a country town full of Italian migrants and their children.  I remember using Italian words for naming things with the other kids at preschool there.


The next language I fell in love with was Spanish – thanks to Sesame Street.  I told my kindergarten teacher I could SPEAK SPANISH!! which I’m sure must have amused everyone in the staff room.

In High School I studied German.

At university I studied Japanese.

These days, I’m learning poodle.

too smart

BUT – I’d really like to learn Spanish.  My Mother’s Mother spoke Spanish, I think – (I know very little about Rosita); and my Father’s Father studied Latin at university and then later in life studied and was fluent in  German, Italian, and Spanish.

I was making a journal page about all this (pardon for the crappy photo, that’ll teach me to make art bigger than my scanner, eh?!)

September 2

[click for big, but the handwriting in ink is just about illegible]

So I’m writing away about my memories of my Grandfather and how I can use the materials I inherited from him to teach myself Spanish, when all of a sudden a dream TUMBLED OUT onto the page:

“…one day I will follow the hummingbirds from Mexico to North America and I will call them ‘Joyas Voladores’ – flying jewels.”

So I’m sitting at the kitchen art table with tears dripping off the end of my nose thinking “I didn’t know I cared about it that much!”

Maaaan this journaling thing is SNEAKY!