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What’s that strange noise, I hear you ask?

Well, Dear Reader, that would be MEE, back at the gym, back training with my Personal Trainer! I’ve had *mumblety* weeks off,  and even longer since I did a proper weights session.  IT FEELS SO GOOOOOOOOOOD!


Ahhhh.  And it feel even better after doing Pilates class last night.

Of course I’ll probably crash into a nana nap later this arvo, but right now I FEEL FANTASTIC!  WOOOOOOO!!

So after 12 months of feeling guilty about not keeping up my food diary as well as I should; 12 months of (pretty much) weekly weigh-ins; and hearing the same info nearly every visit….today (Thursday when I started writing this)was my penultimate visit with the dietician.  I had my end of program medical on Tuesday…the doctor (also my GP which is handy) was VERY pleased.

Me? I’m a bit … meh.

Until – it actually hits me that:

  • losing 16.5% of starting weight is considered a BIG success in weight loss terms (5- 10% is considered enough to be significant for health)
  • Instead of having blood pressure in the “OMG MEDICATION NOW!!” range ( I was on 16 mg candesartan a day) – my BP is now on the low side (110/70).
  • The last blood tests I had done showed that I’m still getting fat OUT of my liver  – a huge benefit, and one that only comes from exercise…
  • (for those  non-metric readers I’ll say that again: 12″ from the waist, 7.6″ from the hips.)
  • I’m  (mostly) enjoying going to the gym now – I would have laughed if you’d predicted that a year ago.
  • and let’s not forget that I had major surgery in  August last year – only  8 months ago.

Do I look like this?



Do I want to? On my more irrational days I have moments of thinking I’d like to be THIS THIN (size 6? or smaller?)  just for a little while, just to see what it’s like… then reality hits me upside the head, reminding me that I am FAR too enamoured of pastries, banana muffins, and cheese for this to EVER happen.  Not to mention – there’s no MUSCLE on those skin and bones, is there?  Ewwww!!

(Please go read the excellent post that brought this picture to my attention, on Spring Girl’s blog, Healthy from 25 to 100)

(And here’s Mia’s take on the same photo)

Well, if not the super skinny model above, who DO I want to look like, as I lose weight and as I get fitter, leaner, stronger?  No one immediately springs to mind – I’m not aiming to look like Jennifer Anniston, or Madonna, or  whoever… I just want to NOT WOBBLE.  And yeah,  B-cup boobs would be ACE, thanks very much.  Nicely defined arms, and a tummy that didn’t embarrass me, yep.

Is that enough of a goal?

Sometimes.  Other times (like whenever I have to walk past a BAKERY) it takes more willpower than I have to remember that I might as well just smear those pastries on my tummy, not even bother eating them, because that’s exactly where they’ll end up.  And do you KNOW how long it takes on the treadmill to walk off the 292 calories in this?



(note: picture nicked online.  I don’t actually have one of those yummy scrummy custardy sultana-y cool pastries flakily awaiting me in the house. I haven’t bought one in at least a month…)

*sigh* I need something tattooed on my wrist to remind me of this, I swear.  Maybe just “REALLY?” would do it.  Or a small script version of “An instant on the lips…”

(And please don’t tell me not to walk past bakeries.  They’re insidious. Bloody things are everywhere, LURKING. Don’t even get me started on coffee shops…)

Ahem.  My rationality obviously left the building for a while there….

I missed Ki Max class on Friday – swelly belly struck me down yet again.  I’m hoping that it will settle down again and it’s NOT a return of the endometriosis – that would be very annoying.

But even when I miss classes, at least I’m still getting to the gym regularly.  Step class tomorrow – yay!

and now – boringly – I’m off back to bed.  Ciao!

… my dress sewing has stopped tonight.  I can’t find my camera (hopefully when the TeaBot 5000 reads this post he’ll remember where I put it, LOL!) to show you progress, but apart from the zipper and binding the neck and armholes and doing the hem, it’s done.4505

Simplicity 4505 is long out of print, which is a shame, since it’s a useful pattern, with a jacket, dress, skirt, and pants all in the one envelope.  No linings though, and  I couldn’t be bothered THINKING about linings, so the dress is unlined.

(photo will go here when the camera is found!)

I perhaps should have made a full pattern and tried to match the pattern in the fabric a little (naaah, this ain’t couture!) and I think if I bother to do this one again, a slightly heavier fabric would be better than the 100% cotton I used in this version.

I cut out a 22… but cheated on the seams at the waist and managed to squeeeeeeeeeze enough out to fit in my waist (groan mutter curse curse) It’s okay… not as good a fit as I’d perhaps like, but hey, it’s fabric that was $5 per metre from Spodshite, it’ll do.

In other news….

I got to gym last night for cardio + Pilates, then again this morning for BodyStep.  Managed to do more of the class actually using the step today.  Yay me, huh?!  Tomorrow: cardio + Oxigeno (love those functional movement and stretching classes!).  That’s provided the neighbours let me sleep…

You see, we live in a worker’s cottage.  And very close next door is what started out as an identical worker’s cottage.   So the floor plans are exactly the same in both wee houses.  Which means that THEIR loungeroom? Is about 5 feet from our bedroom.  (Don’t even get me started on uncorrected property boundaries, grrr!)

Not soooo bad when all they’re doing is watching (violent, noisy) movies late into the night. Up until about, say , midnight, I don’t care, I’m usually awake anyway.  But combine the loud action flick with even louder sex?  That becomes less tolerable.

The straw that broke this poor old camel’s back, though, was that that decided to DO IT with the lounge (sofa) jammed up against the outside wall of their house.  5 feet from our bedroom and RESONANT.  And they’re young, so they go at it like rabbits.  HYPERACTIVE RABBITS.

"Wait wait! I think I've got a hare in my throat!"

"Wait wait! I think I've got a hare in my throat!"

Bang a bang a banga banga bangabangabangabanga ooooooooohhhhhh bangabangabanga banga YES!  OH YES! bangabangabanga….

This went on until 4 am.

When I overslept the alarm this morning and had to rush to get to the gym, I mentioned that the neighbour’s shagging had kept me awake.  Various suggestions on how to deal with the problem were made:

  • Ask loudly “Is that IT?”
  • Join in the over-the-top moaning
  • Play baaaaaaaaaad 1970s European (*wink wink*) film soundtracks: Chicka booowwwww!

All good – but not as funny as the song that appeared as track 5 or so in the BodyStep Workout: Yep, Acka Dacka’s “YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG”

sing along, everyone!

sing along, everyone!

I was laughing so hard I was nearly crying, and still trying to do the step class!

Ahhh, ya gotta laugh, eh?!

Anyone got any further suggestions?  Would a note saying “HI! We’re your neighbours! Would you mind moving the couch out from the wall when you have noisy fun?” be too much, do you think?

Yep, it’s that time of year again… time for Miss Caity’s Annual Rant about Easterfest (previously know as the gospel music festival, but generally known in our house as “THAT BLOODY NOISE”.)

Usually I’d go on and on about the way the super-amplified bass and drums drive right up the creek and into our house; then I’d have a rant about the way that the entire Queens Park is shut off from the people it’s meant to be there for (pardon grammar) and finish with the fact that the organisers of the event don’t give a shit about noise complaints and in fact won’t even supply the correct number for the regional council to register a proper complaint.

But I’m really tired, have spent a lot of the weekend sleeping (to get away from the noise, and because I’m just feeling like a wrung out dishcloth these days) so we’ll just leave it at that, yeah?

I’m popping into Lincraft tomorrow (not sure how they got dispensation to be open when just about every other shop will be closed – I don’t understand Toowoomba’s trading attitude at all) to pick up two Simplicity patterns for just $7.50 each, plus one Vogue pattern for only $12.  Yay!

Simplicity 4014

Simplicity 4014

Then I really have to sew my little heart out this week. I have to have a decent black dress for Friday (a funeral to go to) and my previous funeral outfits are now way too big.

(I’m just working out what to do with the seam finishes on this unlined dress and jacket –  I can do Hong Kong bindings (like Sue just did) on the straight seams, not quite sure how I’ll finish the princess seams.. maybe just hand overcast? Hmmm…. suggestions welcome!)

Oh yeah – I have to buy black shoes, too – I don’t know about you, but I cannot wear red shoes to a funeral.  Nuh uh.

AND – I fell off the food plan in a bigggg way over the last week or so.  And I didn’t even eat any Easter eggs!  Never mind, I’ll climb back on… unfortunately my plans for attending BodyStep this arvo were hijacked by my overwhelming need for sleep.  THe gym re-opens Tuesday, so I’ll be back into it then…

BOOOO! I hate it when races are decided on legal technicalities – and while the brand new “Brawny Virgins” (tee hee!) team had a great weekend, the outcome of the Melbourne Grand Prix will ultimately be decided in court. BOOOOOOO!

In other news: I’m really hoping to repeat last Monday’s effort and get to the super early Body Attack class in the morning.  Last week I ended up doing:

Monday: 1 hour Body Attack

Tuesday: 25 minutes cardio followed by one hour of Pilates

Wednesday: MIGRAINE

Thursday… ummmm – I can’t remember what I did Thursday! Oh, that’s right – still migraineous, and since it was show holiday the gym was only open in the morning, and I missed it.

Friday: Ki Max, one hour.

Saturday – ummmm … slobbed on the couch and slept!

Sunday – same again.  In my defence, it was (of course) the first Grand Prix of the year, and the only one where we get this much coverage – normally we’re lucky to see qualifying and the race.

So – not a good week.  And a really dreadful week food-wise too – I STILL have this GINORMOUS MENTAL BLOCK about recording what I’m eating.  A coupla days I did use the online food diary on Calorie King, but that’s not really working. But then, neither is my not writing stuff down!

ARRGGGGH!  WHAT is going on here? I feel simultaneously out of control and not WANTING to be controlled – What the …?

eating I KNOW what I have to do to lose the weight.  I KNOW IT!!!  I know I have to eat at regular times, and watch the calories, and make sure I’m getting the right balance of carbs and protein and everything else.  WHY CAN’T I DO IT?

This is not helped this evening by my enormously bloated tummy.  Whether it was something I ate today (I was bad – dates! pecans! almonds! curry with sultanas in it (again) for dinner!) or having a late afternoon sleep with my CPAP machine on I don’t know.  But it hurts.

Last time I weighed myself I was heavier than the week before.  Again, I KNOW that measurements on the scale are NOT the most important thing – but they can really de-rail me.   You can tell me ’til the cows come home that what matters is lean muscle mass, that getting stronger and losing inches are better indicators of how I’m doing… but none of that helps when I’m feeling blah.


Anyway, new week, new start: I will do better on recording what I eat.  I will get exercise on  more days this week. And I will go to bed right now! My gym gear is all ready to go, the alarms are set.. I just have to sleep.

I’ve started a new blog with Sue, that will cover some of the same stuff as I do here, but will probably be more about sewing.  Here ya go:


<i>I love this image from Vivienne Westwood, don't you?</i>

I love this image from Vivienne Westwood, don't you?

It’s early days yet, haven’t done the graphics, and so far only one post, but we’ll get there.  Wooo hoooo!

And be sure to check out Sue’s other blog, Fit and Forty *mumble* ,about her fitness adventures.  (I tell ya, the woman is INSPIRING!)

I am still somewhat migraineous. (is that a word? who cares?!)  BUT I did manage to go to Ki Max (boxing and kicking on a bag) class today and really enjoyed it.  There’s something very satisfying about pretending the bag is an ex who was in my NIGHTMARES last night, and really REALLY belting him (it!) up.  Oh yeah.

It’ a race weekend, so you might not hear from me ’til Monday.  THE FORMULA ONE SEASON STARTS!!  WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!

Sadly, my team‘s cars  are not really cutting it so far.  And having the best driver in the world doesn’t do much if you’re up the back of the grid.  And I’m not happy about the twilight timing of the race, but what can you do?  Can’t wait to see how the new rules play out… slicks! and the KERS!  WOOOOOOOOOOO!

Hmmm. Time to go have a nice calming cuppa, perhaps?

I am in shock.  And most people who know me will also be STUNNED to hear this:


Not quite like this, obviously!

Not quite like this, obviously!

I’ll just give you all a moment to pick yourselves up from the ground…

The instructor was very kind and demonstrated “Level One” (aka “you unfit slob, you”!) moves; the rest of the class were regulars and mostly did all the high impact high energy stuff.

I don’t think I’ve been up this early for YEARS, let alone up this early to exercise!  Well, that’s not quite true – I got up around the time the dog usually gets me up so she can outside for a wee – the difference is that this time I stayed upright and tried to wake up.

And now I’m feeling terribly virtuous and efficient, which we know I’m NOT…. and I expect I won’t make it through the day  without a nap, but – baby steps, eh?!

(PS: Suzy Suzy Sue, you are soooooooooooooooooooooo lucky I didn’t text you and make you come to class too – I admit, it was only fear of you doing it back to me another day that stopped me, LOL!)

My new shoes? ARRGH!  One of them had stitching coming undone after ONE WEAR!!  So I took them back to the shop, who offered to get them repaired – I’m not happy, but I felt I had to be reasonable – if I have ANY other problems with them I will demand a replacement.

Grrr! They had better be ready tomorrow…

I had my Personal Training session last night, which turned out to be a long discussion about how I was going to work out for the next two weeks – I’m all about the cardio, baby!!  I felt that my weight loss was slowing down so Gwennie reckoned changing to more group fitness might do the trick.

Group fitness is never this crowded at my gym!

Group fitness is never this crowded at my gym!

So tomorrow I do half an hour of cardio then Oxigeno class; Friday is KiMax; Saturday I would usually do Power Fit but the new Radical Fitness classes are being released so I’ll do a 40 minute KiMax class, the 40 minutes of Oxigeno; Sunday is either X55 or taking the dog for a walk/run; Monday is (possibly!) a VERY EARLY CLASS (quarter to six AM. Really?!?)of Body Attack, and that brings us back to (DO oh oh oh, DOE, a dear…) Tuesday, with a half hour of cardio before the Pilates class.

Are you tired yet?! Just the video for that new U-Bound program that Radical is starting wears me out!

Let alone the planned 7 and a half hours of training this week Whew!  It will be interesting to see how I go…

Today was my rest day… so I didn’t get much done. I’m going to watch House ep 516. I know, I know, totally fangeeky to know the ep number, but that’s me! (I won’t link in case you don’t want to be spoilerised.)

So I didn’t go to the gym on the weekend – which would have been FINE had I not baked Peach Crumble Slice last night.  And eaten ALL OF IT with Mr Beloved. Oh dear.

Never mind – rather than dwelling on the mistake, I took myself and my new cross trainers off to the gym this arvo.

Asics Gel 580-TR cross trainers

Asics Gel 580-TR cross trainers

Did my 30 minutes of cardio stuff (Translation: panting on the treadmill while it makes whooshy up and down noises as it changes the gradient – so high tech!) and 30 or so minutes of upper body resistance training (Trans: Wobbly tuckshop lady arms struggling to lift teeny weeny weights).

Then home via the library (because as we all know, there is NOTHING TO READ in my house….) in time for Scrapheap Challenge.

Tomorrow I’ve got an Exciting Thing to do!  It involves the transformation from this old version of Caity….

Caity, June 2008

Caity, June 2008

… into the new (slightly more slimline!) short haired blonde seen around here lately… with more make-up.  Think I’ll even ending up wearing the same top (although we might have to pin it back slightly!)

More on that tomorrow.  I’ve know about this for a week, and kinda wish that I had known longer in advance, because then I would have attempted the stupid unrealistic thing of “how much weight can I lose before THEN?”!

Uh – maybe not, eh?  I’m where I am NOW. That will do.

I mean, I’ve come a long way already in the weight loss/getting fit/getting healthy stuff… I’m just feeling frustrated at myself because I feel like the results aren’t happening quickly enough.  I know, it takes time, it takes training – but my inner toddler says “WANT IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!”

Fortunately my inner surly teen whiner (“what’s the use, this isn’t gonna work, you can’t make me do this ANYWAY”) is securely locked in her room and is not allowed out.

So I’ll keep going.  And going. and talk to my personal trainer after Pilates class tomorrow night about re-focussing and what I need to do next.

Time for a (lo-fat!) hot choc and a few pages before I zonk.  Night all!

Didn’t sleep well last night, one of the mysteries of the universe, that…

So as I was lying in bed this morning debating whether or not to get up (Caity’s Conscience: “But you missed gym yesterday!” Caity’s Rationalisation: “But I can’t train EVERY day…”) when my BFF texted me: “Shoe shopping after gym?”

WELL!! Caity’s Conscience and Caity’s Rationalisation both got a swift kick in the behind and out the door!  Once I got there I *was* just going to do my weights program…but I’ve been dancing around the idea of joining the Ki Max class (group class with lots of boxing and kicking, 4 people to a standing bag) and when one of the other newbies I’d spoken to recently was doing I thought – why not?

Another newbie for the class?!

Another newbie for the class?!

IT WAS AWESOME!!  It really oughta be illegal to have that much fun while actually doing a good workout AND getting to smash the (imagined) anatomy of various people who have aroused my anger.

*side-strike side-strike back-hand* THAT’S for your pr0n collection, 2nd husband!

*jab jab hook* and THAT’S for your not processing my bank transfer in a timely matter, big bank!

*thingummy whose name I can’t remember but where you hit upwards  – body strike?* OOOMPH!  and TAKE THAT, rude checkout chicky babe!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. The release!!! The HIGH!!! The satisfaction!

I have never sweated so much in my entire life.  I had to stop and sit down a coupla times, but WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!  Of course, it helped that one of the gym owners was giving us three newbies our own little tutorials – how good is that service?

The only baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad thing was that because I did the class at the last minute, I had to use the old sweaty gloves that are kept in reserve … omg, the PONG!!!  So before next Friday I will do as everyone else does, and buy my own gloves.

I am amazed how far I’ve come in that last twelve months – I do need to be reminded (perhaps LOUDLY, dear readers!) of that.

Now I am taking my sore shoulders and abs for a nice soak in the bath.

(I'll probably NOT be wearing my ruby lipstick, though!)

(I'll probably NOT be wearing my ruby lipstick, though!)

(Still haven’t found the Møøse!)

Did two hours at gym today  – I need to remind myself that I feel SO GOOD when I get done, it’s worth dragging myself there!  Also it was my first day without the ankle brace – woo!  I’ll definitely be propping it up on the upturned washing basket for a good hour or so before I sleep tonight, though.

This week:

SEWING: – yep, this is the week Sue and I are going to CONQUER our overlockers, oh yes indeedy! (Provided we can fit it in around other appointments – I have another busy week, *sigh*)

Coverlock 4862

Coverlock 4862

I WILL MASTER YOU, oh Coverlock 4862!

Also – hoping to cut out at least one top, and finish a pair of yoga pants for wearing to the gym.

I have a medical for the Weight Loss program this week  – that’s going to be interesting! I’ve been able to stop my blood pressure medication completely, which is AMAZING considering I was on 16mg a day this time last year.

Please spare a thought for the Aussies battling disasters right now66 (that was a few hours ago  – now it’s 84) people so far have lost their lives in the bushfires down south, and goodness knows how many homes… meanwhile, Queensland is 60% flooded (none down our way, it’s up north) and lives and homes have been devastated there too. On Friday the Victorian Coroner had already announced that the Melbourne morgue was full to capacity from heatstroke victims, and now these horrendous fires on top of that…

I was in Canberra during the 2003 fires, and even watching fires on tv is still very frightening to me.  Houses in my street were just – gone.  We were incredibly lucky, but so many others weren’t.

It’s going to be a very tough year for everyone – lives, homes, infrastructure and crops have all gone in fire or floods since the start of the year.  Add the world economic crises and well – belt tightening all round.

Do what you can to help, eh? If you can donate blood (I can’t) PLEASE PLEASE DO IT.  Burn victims need lots of blood and plasma, apparently, so call the Red Cross and give…

The hunt for (un)read Ottobre continues.  (See what I did there with the lame Tom Clancy reference? Oh wait, there’s obviously a redundant word there – I mean, he was GREAT for the first coupla books, am I right? But give him dialogue or female characters and  – ewww.  No wonder he franchised himself out…)

Small diversion there while the steam escapes from my ears.  Seriously, WHERE IS THIS MAGAZINE HIDING?  (And why can’t I just LET IT GO?!?!  It’s not like I don’t have  – oh, I dunno – about a GAZILLION other patterns I could be sewing!))

And speaking of things hiding: When I was in Adelaide I bought two glove puppets from Ikea.  (Not that I can find THEM on the Ikea websites anywhere in the world, either – it’s a conspiracy! Stop me before I get back onto the Tom Clancy stuff, ok!)  One was a pantomime-y sort of horse, and the other – to my great glee – was a moose.

I have a thing about saying  “CHOCOLATE MOOSE!” and making antlers with my fingers whenever the opportunity arises to have chocolate mousse. (Obviously).  So I was having the BEST time running around Ikea saying “CHOCOLATE MOOOOOOOOOSE!” with this silly $4 glove puppet.

But as The Teabot5000 pointed out, the ways of the moose are subtle.  And moose has become quite well travelled as he lurks, hiding, until the other person finds him and squirrels (SQUIRRELS!  Nothing up my sleeve! – Oh, I just slay me.  And wasn’t Tom Clancy still a bit obsessed with Boris and Natasha types?!) him away to turn up – anywhere.  He’s already been to the gym with me, hidden in the ginger-nuts container, and developed a lovely singing voice when placed over the old doorbell chime unit.



Today I was innocently out at my Personal Training session, then lunch with the girls, and I get home to find my blog has been MOOSEJACKED!!  (tee hee!)

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow.  Mostly because I have a 9 am appointment at a different gym as part of the Weight Management Program and they’re going to make me run on a treadmill (HA!  So THEY think – I can’t run on those things!) and then keep pricking my fingers and measuring the lactic acid levels in my blood or some such, which allegedly will determine my ideal cardio training rate. Whatever.  I have to –  get this – FAST – and have NO CAFFEINE – for three hours prior to this torture.



(In fact, I suspect the Teabot 5000 actually uses a tray on a looooooong stick to deposit my first cuppa on my bedside table.  Possibly while wearing full protective gear just in case.  I don’t know this, because I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON.)

Suspected First Cuppa Delivery System

Suspected First Cuppa Delivery System

And they want to make me do their DUMB tests when I’m already HAPPY with MY Gym and MY personal trainer? GRRR! If I had liked these people AT ALL I might have started training with them at my other session of this sort of torture months ago – but they were nasty and the gym they were working out of then was vile.  They’re at a new place now, but I really resent having to go and waste workout energy on stuff that’s not MY program…

Ahem.  I may just have a teensy issue or two around this, ya think?!

And now I think I have definitely earned some raspberries and ricotta and maybe a banana as well.  Since I’m going to be clawing at my STOMACH in the morning anyway…

  • Made it to Pilates even though I woke up exactly 45 minutes before class start time
  • Remembered to pack both clean undies AND a clean bra to put on post-class-shower/ pre-going out
  • Went with Sue to our first time at The Australian Sewing Guild meeting at Highfields, which was worth the trip. And while there I  traced the pattern to make the tunic featured on the cover of this magazine:
Ottobre Woman 2/2008

Ottobre Woman 2/2008

(Now I just have to grade it up *very* slightly, add seam allowances, tissue fit, choose which fabric to use, and actually sew it up)

  • Did a VERY intense session with the psychologist, working with a technique that I have scoffed at previously but which today saw me burst into tears… I remember now why I don’t usually wear mascara to these sessions!
  • Managed to eat and enjoy two hot cinnamon donuts even though buying three would have been better value – I only wanted two, so that’s all I had.  And they were GOOOOOD!
  • Spent another couple of hours STILL trying to find these back issues of Ottobre Woman (so far without success, obviously, and it’s driving me NUTS)
  • Ottobre Woman 2/2007

    Ottobre Woman 2/2007

    (And then I asked the Teabot5000 if he’d seen that cover and YES, he’d saved a magazine called Ottobre  in a box that he’d mentally marked “Important Textile Magazines KEEP THESE”!!! YES YES YES!!) So now I just have to locate the 2/2006 issue somewhere in our house/shed/combined clutter and I can stop obsessing:

    Ottobre Woman 2/2006

    Ottobre Woman 2/2006

    Why were these suddenly VITAL, I hear you ask?  Well, because I am now so very very close to fitting into some of the patterns that I adored in these but which would have been just too hard (I told myself) to re-draft to fit my larger size. Now I don’t have to re-draft, just trace, add seam allowances, tissue fit, and sew!  I suspect only another delusional sewing nut would understand the difference, but trust me, it’s VERY motivating!)

  • Watched the second auditions episode of So You Think You Can Dance – you all know I LOVELOVELOVE that show, right?
  • Did I mention that part of all the work I’m doing with the psychologist is clearing out unhelpful attitudes?  And that part of this is examinning what’s really important in my life?  So a lot of PHYSICAL clutter is getting sorted through, too; and I decided that the hugely expensive machine embroidery component of my fancy schmancy sewing machine is something  I want to  – hmmm, conquer isn’t quite the right word – perhaps – feel confident about exploring?  Yes.  So I *eventually* located the necessary bits and pieces (software, dongle, serial to USB converters and so on) and – TA DA – reinstalled the software and started to learn the programs over again.  Woo, yes?
  • Tomorrow: The physiotherapist.  And maybe some sewing.  And possibly a gym workout before those things.  So I must away to bed.

PS: Several LOVELY blogfriends have nominated for awards – I will get to them soon, thank you sweeties!

Falling over at step class: free.

Supports to help heal the injuries: $120

Ankle brace

Ankle brace - not MY ankle, obviously!



An expensive lesson in not pushing myself QUITE so hard quite so fast.

Still feeling quite cross with myself, but I need to keep going.  Pilates class tonight – normally I would do this on Monday mornings, but my ankle and calf were not going ANYWHERE yesterday.

Not much else going on – just about finished reading this:

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: A Shocking Murder and the the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective by Kate Summerscale.  Interestingly, the same Great Detective, Mr Whicher, was a key investigator in the case of the Tichborne Claimant – something of a celebrity connection with my home town of Wagga Wagga, NSW!

And now, I’m off to the libary, because I’m about to enter into that most dire of states: I HAVE NOTHING TO READ!! Then to Pilates class… ouch ouch ouch ouch….

But needed to be a post.  So here goes:

Annie said:

Egads you’re game, I cannot do classes anymore. Was totally addicted to them when I was in my twenties, but now I am just too self conscious, to say nothing of too arthritic to look graceful anymore!

Arthritis is still an issue for me, but the class instructors and my personal trainer take it into account – I do modified version of some exercises and leave some out altogether. But the pain management specialist I see is very big on building muscle to support arthritic joints, and he hasn’t steered me wrong yet…

Of course, it’s early days for me a the gym.  But I am SO determined!

“Self conscious” – I am at the point where I honestly don’t give a STUFF about what anyone else thinks I look like when I’m working out! Of course, it helps a LOT that this is a fantastic gym with friendly people and a wide range of members – there are women (and men!) bigger then I am, and people wear what’s comfy.

Also, I have noticed that the only time anyone really looks in the mirrors is to check their form – if they’re performing the moves correctly –  no skeezoids hanging about checking out the chickybabes of any gender! I think this might be because this isn’t a “trendy” gym  – yes, they’re apparently the only gym in Queensland to offer some of the classes, so they’re modern, and the machines and facilities are kept super clean – but they’re not like SOME places I could name which are owned by franchises and have sales targets and glossy advertising that they have to cover… *wink* I’m sure you know the sort of places I mean!

I’ll NEVER be “graceful” – I mean, you should see the Oxigeno instructor, she moves like a ballet dancer, only with even more amazing muscles – but I expect I’ll get less clumsy and klutzy as I learn the routines and get some balance and core strength. Even SHE falls out of balance poses and admits some days are better than others!

I guess what I’m saying is I’m not letting any of my old ideas about being “perfect” at everything I try hold me back any more. Note: i am NOT saying that “near enough is good enough” – what I’m saying is that I am finally at the point where I can do this for ME, at my pace, and with the expectation that there will NOT be instant results, it’s a long road and I’ve barely taken the first steps.

I’m a bit tireder than usual, but I think when I do get to sleep I’m sleeping better. Going to the gym everyday has definitely improved my mood: even when I’m sore, I still like getting into the workout, and so enjoy the feeling of accomplishment once I’m done!

That said, I’m off to the gym again now.  Just doing the two machines I know so far and some stretches – unless the Step class looks like too much fun!

… but for now, I’m still so thrilled with myself every time I get there!

I’m especially loving this Oxigeno class thing – did it Monday morning and I can still feel muscles waking up from their 20 year long sleep. “Hey! WHAT?! You want us to do WHAT?!?”

Not painful sore, just – yeah, I worked out, ooooch.

Skipped yesterday because I was SUPPOSED to have a full schedule of appointments.  Now, I HAD been syncing my phone with my computer before I switched to a Linux box (which I love)…but when I got back from my holiday something weird had happened to all my appointments in my phone. OH NOES!

I got to my first appointment for the day ok (the gynaecologist, see him again in three months if this new medication works) because that was written on the calendar in the kitchen.  But – embarrassingly – missed the next two, which I thought were an HOUR LATER than the booked time… oh dear.  I blame the auto time updater on my phone.

So – I have gone back to good ol’ low-tech writing stuff in a diary, dammit! I bought one that is a very pretty blue -called “aqua” by the manufacturer, but in reality darn close to Tiffany blue (a girl can dream eh?)

Low tech, but it works!

Low tech, but it works!

So – re-booked appointment with the waxer (have I mentioned recently my struggles with chin hair? If not, remind me later, I’m sure you’ll all be RIVETED…) and the hairdresser. The lovely pink of a few weeks ago has faded to a dull – hmmm, brownish pinkish? on top, and a purpley-pink for the rest.

I may yet shave it all off and start over – or get white blonde highlights – or go black and red… it’s only hair, after all!

Gym today again – I can’t believe how rotten I feel before I go (“mumble grumble, bed, tea, mumble OH NO MR BELOVED, NOT THE FROZEN SPINACH I’M GETTING UP, REALLY!!!”) and how good I feel afterwards.

But now – I must go clean off the table to trace out a pattern.

Jalie Lounge Pants Pattern

Jalie Lounge Pants Pattern

The annoying thing is that – even with the weight loss I’ve already achieved – the only workout clothes around seem to be for TEENY WEENY (already fit? Grrummph) people.  It’s not like I even want anything fancy – and I *know* I can sew it – but it’s finding the right sort of fabrics in retail amounts that’s difficult.  And I’m not even talking technical/performance fabrics that do fancy things like wicking, oh no – just plain decent quality knits with a bit of body, that’s all I’m after.  Oh, and in just about any other colour than “grey marle”- was whoever invented THAT having a bad day or what? Is there any (non)colour more depressing?

Must get on with the day….

First day doing gym by myself.  I asked the trainer yesterday about the quietest times, and she was spot on – no waiting for machines (I only know how to use two!) and no gawkers.

I think I’m getting the hang of the treadmill  it sound totally woossy to admit it, but DANG that thing scared me yetsterday!  I was white-knuckled at 2.2kms per hour.  Which is S—L—-O—–W!  Today I was more confident, even played about with the incline settings, and got comfortable walking at 5kms per hour.  Still much slower than I walk outside, but a big leap in confidence.

So  – I did an hour of weights/stretches/pilates/treadmill.  All at a very low level, but…I’ll get there.

The gym equipment looks quite a roomful of angular monsters with bright orange mouthparts! *chomp chomp chomp*  I think it would all look much more civilised as a steampunk gym… all brass dials and gleaming ebony – don’t you?

I have a question though: my iriver MP3 player is NOT a fancy beastie.  Basic black with white ear thingies (Dontcha love it when I talk all TECHNICAL!)

And so there are no super duper fancy schmancie armbandy thingummies  to buy to fit it  – and even if they were, I seriously doubt they’d fit around my arm.

– So  – does anyone else have suggestions for how to make something to hold the thing?  The gym music is okay but there are times when I don’t want to listen to “doontz doontz doontz doontz”…. (as I write this I’m listening to Mercy by Duffy – awesome – and appropriate for gym perhaps!)

So I’m thinking a cuff/sleeve MP3 holder, with velcro maybe?  Hmmm.


Duffy - AWESOME voice!

And I’m back to my food diary.  Tedious, but necessary.

Poor Connie J. Woodle was so excited that I was wearing shorts/t/walking sneakers… and then CRUSHED when I told her I was going to gym not to take her for a walk!  I’ll take her later to make up for it – but geesh, that disappointed puppy face – I felt like the world’s cruellest Mum!

Right.  Off to hang the washing and think about tackling …. THE SEWING ROOM ARCHAEOLOGY PROJECT…