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He’s 70 today but in this photo he was still showroom shiny!

baby dad

Look at that booful smile!  Look at those chubby cheeks! Who’s got wuvvy curly hair, then!  (You were a beautiful baby, Dad, who grew into a beautiful man, and I love ya!)

This was a postcard preview made by the studio photographer – on the back it has “Mrs Miller” and her address in Rozelle (A Sydney suburb they lived in , this would have been in 1940, and Granpa was probably already away at the war).  Then the scrawl continues:

1 Colour Panel, 2 Sepia Panel  11/6

Fair hair

Blue eyes

apple green suit

collect Nov 9th

deposit 2/-

When Nana gave me this photo she told me that the “apple green suit” was her first bit of knitting.  (She went on to become a PROLIFIC knitter!)

I don’t know if the colourised or bigger sepia versions of this picture even exist anymore.  We weren’t a big family for having photos up – probably because Granpa and Dad both used slide film up until they mid 1980s.  There are HUNDREDS of yellow boxes of slides sitting at Mum and Dad’s that need to be scanned and recorded (or tossed..)  – again, I’m really ITCHING to get my hands on them, but I have to be patient!

(If nothing else, all those potential altered slide mounts! Wheeeeee! But do I really need any more clutter?)

I’m hanging out for some photos of us all from younger days – as my memory gets worse (and yes, I have booked the tests to attempt to quantify this) having pictures seems more important.

By the way, I’m taking a class next month on using photos in art journals – L.K. Ludwig’s Point and Shoot Journaling.

(Bugger – does journaling have ONE L or TWO? I can’t decide and the spellchecker is not helping.)

I’m all set for the class to start – just need to find a better alternative to “Clear spray paint” (I assume to seal the images once we’re done working on them?) because that stuff a) totally sucks for the environment and b) flares up my asthma.  So does anyone have any suggestions for me, please?