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But NOT HAPPY, Telstra!


Not much to say tonight, have a picture or two:

5 of 365

5 of 365

wooly Connie

Tuesday morning she was woolly…

And then in the afternoon she came home looking much more svelte!  Here she is today:

bare Connie

and of course now it’s supposed to be only 8 overnight (C, that is!46.4 F) so we had to dig out a jumper (sweater) for her.

Connie was Not Amused.


“These are NOT MY HAPPY EARS!”

I was born into a country town full of Italian migrants and their children.  I remember using Italian words for naming things with the other kids at preschool there.


The next language I fell in love with was Spanish – thanks to Sesame Street.  I told my kindergarten teacher I could SPEAK SPANISH!! which I’m sure must have amused everyone in the staff room.

In High School I studied German.

At university I studied Japanese.

These days, I’m learning poodle.

too smart

BUT – I’d really like to learn Spanish.  My Mother’s Mother spoke Spanish, I think – (I know very little about Rosita); and my Father’s Father studied Latin at university and then later in life studied and was fluent in  German, Italian, and Spanish.

I was making a journal page about all this (pardon for the crappy photo, that’ll teach me to make art bigger than my scanner, eh?!)

September 2

[click for big, but the handwriting in ink is just about illegible]

So I’m writing away about my memories of my Grandfather and how I can use the materials I inherited from him to teach myself Spanish, when all of a sudden a dream TUMBLED OUT onto the page:

“…one day I will follow the hummingbirds from Mexico to North America and I will call them ‘Joyas Voladores’ – flying jewels.”

So I’m sitting at the kitchen art table with tears dripping off the end of my nose thinking “I didn’t know I cared about it that much!”

Maaaan this journaling thing is SNEAKY!


[as always, clicky=biggy]

Frosty morning, and I’m squatting down on the grass to get the camera at just the right angle to catch the sunlight through the frosted weeds… just as well the neighbours already think we’re mad, eh?

red eyed

And I forgot to turn on the red eye reduction but here she is in her winter fur (and winter fat, since she’s had very few walks of late…)

Who's a cutie, then?!

Who's a cutie, then?!

She’s just adorable, yes?

You might also notice from this photo that our lawnmower still isn’t back from repair.  This is what 3 weeks of no mowing and intermittent summer rain does to our yard!

Oh yeah – And I went blonde a few weeks back!