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… unless you’re opening champagne (or fizzy domestic equivalent) – in which case, I’M YA GIRL!! The Olympics Opening ceremony? Not so much.

We went back to the doctors again today.  Actually back to TWO different surgeries – the old one where half the practice USED to be, and which had a working machine that was needed to do the lung function test; then an hour and a half later at the NEW surgery where my Doc now works (but where the necessary machine died yesterday arvo) for her to read the results.

Turns out that even though I have better than predicted (for my age and weight) lung function (YAY for all those years of busking with the flute in Wagga’s freezing cold winters, eh?!) I do also have asthma.  Bugger. At least it’s just cold/exercise/allergy triggered, and I can manage it with Ventolin (and the handy dandy spacer – I have never had much success with just the puffer on its own, I always ended up with medicine on my tongue.  Ick phtttht.)

After the doctors and dietician (it’s really hard to lose weight when you can’t get out of bed much!) I did manage to get to one of the Local Quiltshops today (for the first time since about APRIL) and pick up some more needles and a metre (ok, four 25 cm pieces) of different greens to add to the Tuesdays and Triangles quilt.

Sorry no other news… still mostly in bed, moaning.  Poor Teabot5000 (aka Mr Beloved) has been very kind, but I am counting the days hours til surgery.

HOWEVER if, like me,  you are of a skeptical bent, and need a great laugh, do please go check out my two new favourite podcasts:

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe (Annie, I LOVE these guys!! Thank you so much for the recommendation) – get 5  science literate, no bullshit commentators and let ’em rip – great stuff.

And through the SGU, I found out about George Hrab’s Geologic Podcast – he’s crazy but soooo cool! I mean, THIS is his day job – vibraphones!  Man, you’re just not allowed to even go NEAR vibes without a sufficiently high cool factor, you know?

He does funny sketches, talks about life as a working muso, and debunks more crap.  Don’t miss his Religious Moron of the Week section – HILARIOUS!!   (Just don’t start with Geologic# 76, it is NOT AT ALL indicative of what he’s about. Really.)

EDITED TO ADD: The lovely Ms. Information from Geologic commented:

“Since the Geologic Podcast is so varied, maybe the best place to put
the needle down for the first time is a show from February, a Best Of
compilation of sketches, Episode 52.1.

Thanks for giving the Maestro a shout out. We’re sending you heaps of virtual sugar from Geologic HQ.”

How frickin’ awesome is that?!?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m out.  Thanks for watching, folks!