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Yep. Just one more sleep to go and then Sue and I are headed to BRISVEGAS, baby!

Friday AND Saturday –  so not only will we be going to the Stitches and Craft Show, we might also do a bit of shopping and checking out fabric stores… honestly, I’m so excited about this trip away!!

Not least because for the first time IN A VERY LONG TIME, I might be able to try on some clothes.


Yeah, you heard me – NEW CLOTHES!!  Even though I have been quite crook this week with swelly belly (?endometriosis returning? Seems VERY likely given symptoms and duration – off to see the specialist again soon) the dietician assures me that I have lost another couple of centimetres from my waist.  My (normal, not fat chick sizes!) size 18 jeans are falling down on me.  Obviously, I’m a different size and shape to where I was last winter!

I’m not planning on BUYING any clothes, mind you – not financial enough for that! – but just being able to try on different shaped things will be awesome.  There are things like tunics that I would love to make but I need to know first if they look ok on me – same with dresses.  It’s a lot of work to sew something and then decide you HATE the style!

But more than the shopping – I’m super excited about the inspiration I know I’ll get from the show.  I hope to meet Nikkishell (from Wardrobe Refashion and Burda Style) and buy some clothing patterns from Stephanie at Can Do Books and Perpetual Patterns… and I’m looking forward to the fashion shows and the teacosy exhbition and  – well, EVERYTHING!


I will, I will!!

(Meantime, here’s something else I am super inspired by – from another shop I wish I could afford.


In fact, if I had money I would buy one of EVERYTHING from Clothkits… meantime I have a panel of this fabulous Olivia fabric that I am dying to give the same lining-and-bustling treatment!