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Thanks to everyone who cheered me on in my weight loss. IT REALLY HELPS! And we are soooo enjoying life without the neighbour Weasel. Oooh, he was a horrid little man. We have 10 neighbours (we own a long narrow block that runs along a lot of backyards) and only ever have real problems with 2 of the houses. Here’s hoping the next lot of renters are quiet people.

Power SewingEver been in the situation where you KNOW you’ve got a book, but just can’t find it? I’m not even sure if I’ve seen it since the move to Toowoomba, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have (deliberately!) got rid of it – arrgggh! I’ve been looking for this book for DAYS now. I don’t think I’ve lent it to anyone… if I did, please let me know, eh? It’s one of those really handy reference books, and I’m missing it!

I’m definitely headed down the hill tomorrow for the Stitches and Craft Show. I’m really looking forward to going with Sue – at last, another sewing chick! Tonight I’m digging through patterns and reading reviews ( – awesome value!) to see what I should spend my limited $$ on.

In all the digging around, I did re-find (is that even a word? UNEARTHED, perhaps – I swear, the Time Team would have their work cut out for them amongst all my stuff!)

[click to see bigger images]

Vogue 1407

This is Vogue 1407, and has someones name and 4/4/66 written on the front. New in Factory Folds! Of course, nowhere near my size – but it’s very close to the size I will be at my goal weight, I hope.  “Narrow, sleeveless dress with a two-piece look at front has a deep V Surplice neckline. Wrapped coat swings wide, three quarter length set in sleeves.” It’s so NOW I’m almost tempted to grade it up and make it… almost! The front wrap over is actually an overlay on an otherwise plain sheath dress, but doesn’t it look good? (and why are the instructions on a 1966 pattern SO MUCH BETTER than instructions on current patterns, hmm?) Although this is one of those vintage patterns where the only markings you get are perforated dots. And this is the little blurb about the designer:”JO MATTLI (Mattly) – Swiss charm and Parisian taste combine in the designs of this member of London’s couture group. Mr Mattli has designed the clothes for many English films.”

I think I paid 20cents for this pattern at an op shop. Whereas tomorrow I’ll probably be paying $30 for this pattern – if I can get it! Or this one….or maybe this one?

And now I’d better go turn up the hem on my other pair of jeans – don’t think it would be cool to wander around a Stitches and Craft Show and watch the fashion parades with my jeans rolled – ugh!

[later ETA: But first, I have to go sort through all the art materials that were previously stashed under the kitchen table, as Mr Beloved just had to pull them all out to retrieve a mrrrrrrrooooooouuuuuuusssse! that Miss Kitty Bing brought in as part of her “catch and release” program – she’s still looking for it, but it’s dead and gone into the bin – ewwwwwwwww!]

Alert the media – we actually WENT OUT!  TOGETHER!  TO A LIVE GIG!!

And I’m so glad we did – in spite of a stage side light glaring at us (we’ll know to sit on the opposite side of the hall next time) and my incipient migraine (I was the chick wearing dark glasses throughout the afternoon), we had a fabulous time listening to Paris Dreaming.

Paris Dreaming (photo nicked from their site)

Mr Beloved has been on a bit of a Django kick lately, and we both love gypsy swing (or “jazz manouche”) and it was worth going out among the Hu-Mans to hear it.

I must say though that the smell of oil-fried snacky goodies wafting into the theatre was a bit much… I had to come home and eat what is euphemistically sold as a “Honey Nut Oat bar” of 170 calories (5 fat grams)- I’m not sure if it was Mr Beloved or my Dad who called it “sawdust and tape worm eggs”, but that’s a more accurate description.

I’m off for a lie down before the prancing.