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9 of 365

9 of 365

Although it was previously thought that there were only two types of dirt: white dirt that shows on dark things, and dark dirt that shows on white things, recent experiments with sepia images proves that there is in fact another type – SUPER WHITE dirt that shows up on sepia.

(and hey look – all those books are right – the size of one’s hand IS just about the same as the size of one’s head! Useful to know to get proportions in drawing right…)

I fell asleep during the race this arvo. *sigh* I woke up just at the end of the last lap when Mr Beloved was shaking me “You’ll want to see this!” – poor Lowndesy was pipped at the post!! Never mind, we’ve got Monza to look forward to in a couple of hours – and LEWIS is on pole!!  WOOOHOOOO!

I’m sure most of that was gibberish to most of you, never mind, I will find other things to tell you.


Not so much going on with the art of late… I really should go up and paint now, instead of hanging about down here online.  It’s just that there is there rest of an utterly DELECTABLE rice pudding upstairs, and I am weak…. if I go near it, I’m sure another bowlful will mysteriously disappear…

Nope, I will be strong.  I need to go play with paint!

wah wah wah.

Another day of blah-ness.  Still SUPER tired – and I didn’t even get stay up late and watch the Formula One Grand Prix because – surprise SURPRISE SURPRISE – when you (and by “you” here I mean the Evil Power That Controls F1) schedule a race in the tropics  IN THE MIDDLE OF MONSOON SEASON in the late afternoon, IT GETS RAINED OUT.  A LOT.

Jenson wins in the wet

Jenson wins in the wet

This isn’t the first year, and it won’t be the last – but honestly, when the race gets red flagged at not even half way – well, booo hissss! I don’t want the drivers or the cars to come to harm: the race HAD to be stopped, it was ridiculous. But why in MONSOON SEASON, huh? WHY?? *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

At least all this jumping up and down in a rage counts as exercise, yes?

Hmmm, what other news?  Well … I haven’t been sewing. There are several (completely lame-o) reasons for this:

  • I’m tired (yeah, wah wah wah)
  • I can’t seem to keep the table cleared off for long enough to lay out fabric, pin the pattern to it, and get it cut out
  • My sewing machine is overdue for a service (and this is possible the LAME-EST excuse of all, because in fact I own *mumblety- three* sewing machines at last count.)
  • oh, and here’s a good one-  I’m feeling too fat to sew.  Yep, that’s right, I’m feeling frumpy so rather than sewing myself something fun and enjoying wearing it, I’m moping about and being grumpy about having nothing to wear.

It’s my head, I never said it had to make sense….

Tomorrow I’m off to see YAED (Yet Another Expensive Doctor).  Last week’s YAED was the dermatologist, who changed the long term antibiotics I’m on, said to take them for another 2 months, and call him if the rash came back when I stopped taking them.  Ummm, guess what?  I missed 3 tablets and it’s BAAAAACK, like some sort of horror movie freak show skin-itching DEMON.  I remembered to take the medicine today so hopefully it will calm down again – but sheesh!

And did I mention the wonderful side effect of itchy itchy ITCHY OH MY GOSH PASS ME THE GARNET PAPER I NEED TO SAND MY SKIN OFF IT’S SO ITCHY skin when I go into the sun? No?  Oh well, probably only a MINOR side effect…

And tomorrow’s YAED is the gynaecologist – will I spare you the gruesome details?  Dear Reader, will you survive the SUSPENSE?!

BOOOO! I hate it when races are decided on legal technicalities – and while the brand new “Brawny Virgins” (tee hee!) team had a great weekend, the outcome of the Melbourne Grand Prix will ultimately be decided in court. BOOOOOOO!

In other news: I’m really hoping to repeat last Monday’s effort and get to the super early Body Attack class in the morning.  Last week I ended up doing:

Monday: 1 hour Body Attack

Tuesday: 25 minutes cardio followed by one hour of Pilates

Wednesday: MIGRAINE

Thursday… ummmm – I can’t remember what I did Thursday! Oh, that’s right – still migraineous, and since it was show holiday the gym was only open in the morning, and I missed it.

Friday: Ki Max, one hour.

Saturday – ummmm … slobbed on the couch and slept!

Sunday – same again.  In my defence, it was (of course) the first Grand Prix of the year, and the only one where we get this much coverage – normally we’re lucky to see qualifying and the race.

So – not a good week.  And a really dreadful week food-wise too – I STILL have this GINORMOUS MENTAL BLOCK about recording what I’m eating.  A coupla days I did use the online food diary on Calorie King, but that’s not really working. But then, neither is my not writing stuff down!

ARRGGGGH!  WHAT is going on here? I feel simultaneously out of control and not WANTING to be controlled – What the …?

eating I KNOW what I have to do to lose the weight.  I KNOW IT!!!  I know I have to eat at regular times, and watch the calories, and make sure I’m getting the right balance of carbs and protein and everything else.  WHY CAN’T I DO IT?

This is not helped this evening by my enormously bloated tummy.  Whether it was something I ate today (I was bad – dates! pecans! almonds! curry with sultanas in it (again) for dinner!) or having a late afternoon sleep with my CPAP machine on I don’t know.  But it hurts.

Last time I weighed myself I was heavier than the week before.  Again, I KNOW that measurements on the scale are NOT the most important thing – but they can really de-rail me.   You can tell me ’til the cows come home that what matters is lean muscle mass, that getting stronger and losing inches are better indicators of how I’m doing… but none of that helps when I’m feeling blah.


Anyway, new week, new start: I will do better on recording what I eat.  I will get exercise on  more days this week. And I will go to bed right now! My gym gear is all ready to go, the alarms are set.. I just have to sleep.

I’ve started a new blog with Sue, that will cover some of the same stuff as I do here, but will probably be more about sewing.  Here ya go:


<i>I love this image from Vivienne Westwood, don't you?</i>

I love this image from Vivienne Westwood, don't you?

It’s early days yet, haven’t done the graphics, and so far only one post, but we’ll get there.  Wooo hoooo!

And be sure to check out Sue’s other blog, Fit and Forty *mumble* ,about her fitness adventures.  (I tell ya, the woman is INSPIRING!)

I am still somewhat migraineous. (is that a word? who cares?!)  BUT I did manage to go to Ki Max (boxing and kicking on a bag) class today and really enjoyed it.  There’s something very satisfying about pretending the bag is an ex who was in my NIGHTMARES last night, and really REALLY belting him (it!) up.  Oh yeah.

It’ a race weekend, so you might not hear from me ’til Monday.  THE FORMULA ONE SEASON STARTS!!  WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!

Sadly, my team‘s cars  are not really cutting it so far.  And having the best driver in the world doesn’t do much if you’re up the back of the grid.  And I’m not happy about the twilight timing of the race, but what can you do?  Can’t wait to see how the new rules play out… slicks! and the KERS!  WOOOOOOOOOOO!

Hmmm. Time to go have a nice calming cuppa, perhaps?