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It’s my birthday tomorrow – in fact, it’s the 1st anniversary of my 40th birthday.  Look what Mr Beloved got for me!!


Both movies I’ve wanted to see for ages; both extremely chicky flicks; and, I just noticed – both starring Amy Adams, and I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything before – how odd!  I wanted “Miss Pettigrew” primarily for the ’40s fashions.  Which of course I adoooooore!

And “Enchanted” just looks like so much FUN!

In other news – my weight is DOWN this week (hooray!)  – I’m now 97 kg, and my blood pressure was 117/83.  Sometime in the next few visits I’ll get the dietician to take my measurements and do the Body Impedance Analysis thing that measures how much lean muscle mass and how much FAT there is now… I’m hoping, obviously, that the fat has decreased and the muscle has INCREASED!

It does annoy me though that the dietitians seem to be OBSESSED with “working at  65% of heart rate to lose fat”.  Uhhh – for a start, I don’t have a heart rate monitor, and there’s no way on earth I’m going to be able to stop and count my pulse while I’m exercising – it takes all my concentration to just keep going! And for another thing, surely ANY exercise will help? Yes, I might be “burning carbs instead of fat” but given that this time last year I hadn’t been inside a gym in 20 years – well, I think I’m doing ok getting there regularly.

And yesterday I did Bodystep – remember the disastrous first attempt at that, back in January? Well, this time, I DID NOT FALL OVER… and I managed the whole class  – although I did it at a much lower intensity than people like Sue, who have been doing it for a lot longer.  I’ll get there!

No matter what the scales read, I’m happier that I’m fitter than I used to be. SO THERE, scales! (No really, it’s hardly bothering me at all, WHY DO YOU EVEN ASK?!)

Meanwhile, do have a read of what I think of the latest Vogue patterns over on Sewing Queens


Now THAT’S What I call a chick flick!

  • Funny movie with lots of laugh out loud moments – check.
  • Cute boy? Uh huh.
  • Enjoyable minor characters? Yep! Especially Kristen Scott Thomas’s fash mag editor with her outrrrrrrrrrrrageous French accent, (which is doubly hilarious because she does speak perfect French)… and debt collector Derek Smeath is perfect, just PERFECT!
  • FABULOUS clothes? You betcha! The shoes!  The iconic green scarf! The plaid cloak!
  • Unexpected quirks? Oh yeah! (store mannequins that tempt, I’m sure I’ve seen those….)
  • Happy ending? OF COURSE!

What more could you possibly want from a Saturday afternoon at the movies?

And to anyone who has been swayed by the critics telling us that the heroines of recent chick flicks are “… brainless idiots, you know, with nothing more on their minds than, you know, getting a man or shopping” (thanks, Margaret Pomeranz – NOT!) Nope.  In denial about her out of control spending – yes, and I certainly can relate to that.

I didn’t get myself into quite as much debt as she did – but then, I don’t have access to the luxury outlets she did, nor did I have multiple credit cards.  Not for want of the big banks trying – the rotters just sent me another “you have been pre-approved for a credit increase” letter this week, which would have taken my credit limit to substantially more than my annual income – now, how STUPID is that?

(Mr Beloved insists that When He Comes To Power, any banks or financial institutions offering credit cards to those who clearly can’t afford them will be deemed to have given a GIFT of that amount to the offer-ee.  Fair enough!)

And to those who say that the film  is inappropriate during the Global Financial Crisis, I say: HELLLLLLOOO? Surely if we’d all been less shopaholic and not been living way beyond our means there wouldn’t BE a GFC?

And now, since we have just had a brief rain shower, my sinuses are acting up and insisting that all my top teeth are about to be shot out of my jaw, and that someone has punched me in the nose.  I’m off to lie down.

This is something of a turn up – I’m going to the movies for the second time in two weeks!  My normal rate of movie attendance is about two a YEAR.

Last Saturday I saw “He’s Just Not That Into You.” with my bestie.

Here’s my review:

“It Just Wasn’t That Funny.”

For all the rantings and ravings I’ve heard and read from various commentators about the “ditziness” of recent rom-com heroines, I thought MOST of the people in this movie – male AND female – were pretty dumb.

Ok, I admit: I have been dumb over relationships.  REALLY dumb.  I’ve married abusive men; I’ve stayed in relationships long after it was obvious that they were not only dysfunctional but downright unhealthy.  Many people are dumb about relationships.  That doesn’t mean we want to see a fairly boring movie about it!

The good bits: Scarlett Johansen has an awesome body!  Ginnifer Goodwin is Pretty! The scene settings of women around the world telling the kind lies to their friends was funny. The one couple who shoulda been together were awwwwwwwwww…..

Today we’re off to see “Confessions of a Shopaholic” which has also been reviewed as having a DUMB heroine.  I’ll let you know.  However, it also has the divine Kristen Scott Thomas, who, quite frankly, I would watch in ANYTHING.


I’m also off to spend money (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!) on new sneakers for gym.  (are you even allowed to CALL them “sneakers” when they cost so much?!?) because my 14 month old ones are now making my feet hurt.

See ya later!


Maybe I have rose-coloured memories of the original movie, but as I recall, it SPARKLED.  Ok, the central character was a bit of a wuss, but still – it dripped FABULOUSNESS.

The new version?  Hmmm. Occasional glints… but no dazzle.

That said, I did enjoy it.  There were some great performances (Annette Bening! WHERE has she been for so long, hmmm?) And I loved recognizing lines and scenes (the child actress vs “Aunty Crystal” in the bath was almost (from my memory, anyway) identical to the Joan Crawford version) while laughing at some more modern takes (especially in the birthing room).

The cameos? OMG, THAT was Carrie Fisher?  Eeek!  And as usual, Joanna Gleason did NOT get anywhere near the screen time/lines that she deserved (Did  you SEE her in The West Wing? And how about her utterly knockout performance in Sondheim’s Into the Woods waaaaaaaaay back in 1991? She was been underrated for so  damn long!)  Bette of course pretty much played Bette… Candice Bergen played… Candice Bergen; and Debra Messing played her entire supporting actress role as … well, Debra Messing.

The fashion?  Well…after the opening montage of stylishly clad feet striding along 5th avenue, I kept hoping for more.  Don’t even TALK to me about alleged fashion designer Mary Haines in those GHASTLY flat shoes (pre-transformation) – it was all I could do not to scream “Oh, honey, NO!” at the screen.

But her coat in the making  up scene with Sylvia? UTTERLY FABULOUS!  (of course, I can’t find a #$()@*_( picture..)  Mary Haine’s designs? (by John Dunn) Ho hum.

Look, I didn’t expect the movie to time-travel.  The original was of its time, and so is this movie.  I love that this movie had great roles for some *ahem* “women of a certain age” (and  – WHY don’t we see MORE of some of these people, huh, Hollywood? WHY? ) and I hope the run of “chick flicks for the menopausal” (plese, someone tell me there’s a catchier way to say that!) continues.

Gowns by Adrian...

Gowns by Adrian...

As soon as I can get my hands on the original, though, I’m grabbing my BFF and maybe a coupla other friends, breaking out the air popped popcorn and bubbly, and enjoying it thoroughly.

Well, after yesterday’s debacle (of which more in a moment a post later) I feel the need for some girly mindlessness.  So I’m off to see The Women with my BFF.

The ORIGINAL movie The Women (which, alas, I can’t find on DVD) is one of my all time favourite flicks.  Joan Crawford as SuperBitch.   Rosalind Russell being Rosalind Russell – that is, smart, sassy, and gorgeous. Gowns by Adrian.  (swoooooooooon!)

Can the new one possibly stack up? We shall see…