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My way is subtle, but way of Hjørse is scientific!

He has a strange voice, that Hjørse.

Original source.

Møøse has been sighted here and there.

  • Hitched over the top of the big wall map in the Krappenhause;
  • Hidden in the folds of an apron hanging on the pantry door;
  • Lastly in an undisclosed location (Caity does not know where Møøse may be).


Hjørse is far less subtle, and has been found in many places, even vexing the Teabot 5000™ by impersonating a lump beneath the covers, while the cold-blooded Teabot 5000™ slept on top of the bed again.

Indulging his propensity for bedclothes, Hjørse retreated to an unused quilt, only to be discovered by a cold, sore Caity…

… the very same Caity who has proved impossible to dislodge from bed this morning. It would seem Caity gets lunch in bed, as well as breakfast, today.

At least her new hair colour is Teabot 5000™ approved.

And way of Møøse is subtle.

Way of Møøse, as Caityreaders know, is subtle.

Møøse was seen in this region four days ago. When he was departing, it was said that he would not be seen for a week.

All was quiet in house. Kitchen was quiet. Bedroom was quiet, if sounds of snoring Teabot 5000™, hypervigilant Poodle, and (whatever Caity does) are not taken into account.

Toilet was mostly quiet.

Until, from behind the packet…




Way of Møøse is subtle, and he will probably not be found for two days.

So Teabot 5000™ was looking for pack of rice-crackers, which may have Møøse DNA, as they are sometimes hard to find. He reached for the cereal packet, to look behind it, and…

had a Godfather moment.

Contents may be unsettling during handling!

Our intrepid pair thank you, and the odds on Hjørse being found are something like six months.


Gøød Night, and remember: Way of Møøse is subtle.