Caity is cold

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AHA! Went to the doctor today – my thyroid levels have gone quite wonky since my last lot of bloodwork.  So – I get to start on yet another medicine (Oroxine) – which hopefully will help with the constant cold, dry skin, and generally feeling like a particularly lazy three toed sloth.

23 of 365

Our internet access is throttled so I’m spending a lot of time waiting for pages or mail to load (playing a lot of “mah jong” – it’s not mah jong at ALL, it’s like memory or patience or something, anyway…)

Did I mention that the Oroxine could well help with the thingummyjig?  You know, the bit where my remembery isn’t working terribly well?  Hmmm.

Must go now.  Cold.

Also – new  domain coming soon.  Wheee?

But NOT HAPPY, Telstra!


Not much to say tonight, have a picture or two:

5 of 365

5 of 365

wooly Connie

Tuesday morning she was woolly…

And then in the afternoon she came home looking much more svelte!  Here she is today:

bare Connie

and of course now it’s supposed to be only 8 overnight (C, that is!46.4 F) so we had to dig out a jumper (sweater) for her.

Connie was Not Amused.


“These are NOT MY HAPPY EARS!”

4 of 365

Me, early-ish this morning.  I have Big Plans for today – yep, we’re going out. To the shops. To buy food.



“Doctors are up in arms over official Queensland Health Department guidelines which urge weary medics to drink six cups of coffee a day to fight off fatigue.”

Say WHAT? So, now not only are we likely to be treated in hospital for emergency care by some poor bugger who’s been up for 72 hours, they’ll be jittery on caffeine as well? Oh please tell me that this is someone’s idea of a joke… not more doctors, shorter shifts, nooooo, MORE DRUGS, that’s the answer! Why not just give them those Sooper Sekrit combat drugs that I’m sure various armies have developed and let them go until they COLLAPSE IN A SCREAMING JIBBERING HEAP, huh, Queensland Dept of Health?

You know, I’ve been pretty lucky with health care – touch wood – I’ve been able to go to hospital when I needed to.  And when I’ve been there, I’ve had excellent care.  But WHY would anyone WANT to be a doctor, knowing these are the conditions you will be forced to work under, at least while you complete the hospital part of your training? Is there ANY other profession that treats (ha!) people like this?

I am shaking my head in wonderment.

And considering not reading the news anymore, it’s just FREAKIN’ ME OUT.

3 of 365

3 of 365 – not something that needed hospital care, just a slight burn to my inner right arm from hugging a hot water bottle.

And the second, yet!  Sheesh!

This month:

  • my Dad will have his 70th birthday
  • it will be the first time his Mum, my Nana, hasn’t been here for that (or for her birthday a week later)
  • I am trying to will journal more every day
  • I will sew at least one garment
  • I will get to all 4 Pilates classes this month and at least 2 other gym sessions each week
  • I am going to the first ever meeting of a new chapter of the Australian Sewing Guild –  “The Darling Gowns” group meets tomorrow –  (it’s called that because geographically we are on the Darling Downs – clever, huh!) led by the talented Sue .
  • I am seeing a new gastroenterology specialist (new to me, not new to the specialisation)

I’m sure there’s more but that’s not a bad start.

I went to Pilates class last night for the first time in 8 weeks – maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!  What a GREAT stretch out that was!  I’m sore as anything this morning, couldn’t do an early morning training session, but will go in later even if it’s just to walk on the treadmill.  Has anyone else ever tried Pilates floor classes? Did you get a lot of relief from aches and pains?

It’s quite cool this morning – August was HOT HOT HOT and now “Spring” (reckoned by the calendar, not by any actual reference to the way seasons work in Australia) is here we’ve had big feather down quilt-a blanket-another handmade quilt- and a hot water bottle as well as my winter jarmies nights.  Brrr!

No pic today – I have been slack about using the camera of late!

blue sky

[clicky et cetera]

No photoshopping – the sky really was that blue!

So logically I KNOW that this:


is not really related to the fact that I hab a code id by node. Really. But going out to take pictures of the half inch thick ice from the wheelbarrow probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do.

Lots of bed time this week!