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After what feels like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages of reading other peoples reviews on PatternReview.com, at long last the NEW BURDAS ARE HERE!!!

Even better – THE BURDA PLUS IS HERE!!

[Mum, I’ll be popping yours in the post tomorrow. Along with the January one which I really really liked a lot of things from.]

Some months I want to make EVERYTHING in the Burda magazine – some months – meh, not so much. I love every pattern except one in the Burda Plus – so that’s 29 out of the thirty illustrated. Not bad for $20, eh?!

The March issue of Burda WOF – well, not so impressed with the plus size selections, but there are some very pretty patterns in the regular sizes. For now I have enough alterations to make on a plus size, there’s nothing that would realllly tempt me to grade up a smaller pattern.

Now if you’ll excuse me, that lining fabric has just finished going through the washer; it’s still so windy here (but not as cold, thank goodness!) that by the time I make a cuppa tea the lining will be dry and ready to cut out.

Off to SEW!!