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Certain people at a group I won’t name but will no longer be associated with in any way need to read this:

Maybe this is even too advanced for them....

Maybe this is even too advanced for them....

and stay the heck out of things they know nothing about.


Too tired to drink my cuppa!

PLEASE let me know if you’re waiting on an email or response to a comment – I’m soooo tired on this reduced caloric intake and getting up earlier thang…

Too tired to even drink my cuppa!


and I’m still procrastinating about the weight loss program… I have yet to fill out the “questionnaire” (for which read:”WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKIN’ FAT? questions) even though my appointment with the dietician for an initial consultation is at 11am tomorrow.

It’s bloody expensive – but then, how expensive is my being miserable about my weight? Hmmmm.

Had choice today between buying the new issue of Textile Fibre Forum and the new Down Under Quilts. Got TFF, and felt depressed – so much bloody amazing work! Will get DUQ after the pension comes maybe; today I spent the money on fabric instead.

Went out to Highfields to the quilt shop there today – Mr Beloved waited in the car. I bought 30cms of a green and pink polka dot print for “Tuesdays and TV”. I was really after some 1930s/40s oranges and yellows, but all they had in the right sort of prints were icky sickly pretty pastels.

Fortunately I was able to duck out to Quiltcraft later in the afternoon and scored some suitable prints. Not strictly in period, but hey, it’s a quilt being made in 2008, not in 1940, after all. I got a great yellow print with little teacups all over it – no name on the selvedge at all, though.

These prints are really growing on me. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll have any scraps left from this project – it’s tight as it is.

Something that’s bothering me about this quilt though is that all the values are so similar. There are no darks at all. And it’s BUSY.

orange flowers

Ah well – it’s just a blanket, after all.

Absobloodylutely EXHAUSTED.  More blood tests tomorrow and a recommendation for a weight loss clinic from the doctor….


Jennifer Patricia Miller (“Nif”)

18 January 1971 – 19-Feb 2005

My beautiful, funny, passionate, smart sister.

We weren’t all that close as grown ups, but knew we could count on each other unconditionally.

I still miss her all the time. She was at peace with her decision not to undergo radio or chemo therapy after her initial surgery for brain cancer. It all happened so fast – she found out about the tumor in July, and died in February.

The hospice care was amazing. Mum and Dad pretty much moved up to Sydney to look after her and be with her while she was in the Sacred Heart Hospice in Darlinghurst. I’m so glad they had that time together.

Sometimes it feels like three years has passed in a day – and sometimes it feels like forever.

Ok, let’s try not to think of this as a monumental cock up. I’ll think of it as a chance instead to have a new start.

Quite frankly, the old blog’s architecture grew like topsy, and things were not as organised as perhaps they should have been.

So – a fresh start is a Good Thing, right?

But just so you know – the very last post before I hit that delete key one too many times was about my Dancing Beijing challenge quilt for the Toowoomba Quilters Club.

“Olympic Hope”  - my quilt for the Toowoomba Quilters Dancing Bejing challenge.

So here it is again. As I wrote before *sob!* I don’t know quite what the appliquéd shapes represent – some people have seen them as athletes, some as kits, or banners… what do you think?

And btw – please please update your bookmarks/blog reader and links for me? Ta ever so.

I nuked my blog!

Restoration/Rebuilding NOW IN PROGRESS….

(yes I did back it up. the back up failed. OH F*CK!)