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AHA! Went to the doctor today – my thyroid levels have gone quite wonky since my last lot of bloodwork.  So – I get to start on yet another medicine (Oroxine) – which hopefully will help with the constant cold, dry skin, and generally feeling like a particularly lazy three toed sloth.

23 of 365

Our internet access is throttled so I’m spending a lot of time waiting for pages or mail to load (playing a lot of “mah jong” – it’s not mah jong at ALL, it’s like memory or patience or something, anyway…)

Did I mention that the Oroxine could well help with the thingummyjig?  You know, the bit where my remembery isn’t working terribly well?  Hmmm.

Must go now.  Cold.

Also – new  domain coming soon.  Wheee?

15 of 365

A bit insular – behind tinted glasses (they’re those ones that go darker in the sun, but I won’t be buying them again – I think ordinary glasses plus sunglasses are better) and with my MP3 player blasting P!nk.

I was thinking about how most of my time is spent in the company of women … apart from Mr Beloved I have very few interactions with men.  Most of my doctors are female; most of the shop assistants I talk to when I shop – the only men (apart from Mr Beloved!) I talk to on a regular basis are my Dad (on Sundays, during the weekly phone call) and the Butchers at the shops.

It’s not that I’m anti-men, there are many good blokes around.  Just not that many around ME.

Most of the BOOKS I read are written by women. Most of the music I listen to is created by women. (Well, written/sung by , if not produced by.)

Ah, I’ve just thought of the exception: the radio.  I listen to ABC Radio National a lot, and on there I’d hear more men that women, every day.

As I was thinking about this, Ricë wrote a post about men & art.  I think I am stuck in a bit of an “all girl’s club”  – but to be honest, I’m grateful to find people who ‘get’ me at all, regardless of how they identify.

Thing is – I’m not very good at people right now.  Men OR Women.  I’m feeling pretty vulnerable, tired, fragile, uncertain.  Like if just one person comes along with a sharp pin that I might just explode – or maybe just sag away quietly, a soggy mess in the corner.

The visit to the gastroenterologist was… interesting.  Let’s say that she and I have very different values.  And because it was the first time we had dealt with each other, she didn’t really know (or take time to know) the back issues that got me here… ah well, I’ll take some of her advice, but I don’t think what she suggested is going to fix the problem.  At least she’s sent me off with a form for more blood work in January.

Meantime, I keep plodding along…





I didn’t forget to take my 365 self portrait yesterday – I just didn’t have my computer. It had been getting a wee bit unstable, as these things do, so it was time to save all the data and do a “nuke & pave” – wipe the whole box clean and install a whole new Operating System.  I must say, I LOVE LINUX MINT!!  Super easy to manage, (I did the install by myself! Try doing THAT with a w1nd0ws OS!) and the price is awesome (FREE!).  My computer is now back up to date and running faster – I just have to make time to trawl through all the backed up files and see what REALLY needs keeping.

And I’m very gradually learning how to do more things in GIMP – all the layers and brush tools and so on like ph0t0sh0p, but again – FREE!!  We love that price!

Today I had a lovely shopping morning with BFF Sue – I only bought a couple of very necessary T-shirts, booooooorrrring! Oh, and a small pressie that I have to mail off tomorrow for a friend in Oregon. (Tee hee! I will show what it is once she has hers – it was so cute I had to buy one for myself, too!)

Off to the gastroenterologist this arvo.  *shudder* Hope she can at least point me in the direction of some answers – I’m really tired of stomach/abdominal pain.  Ugh.

Open the door and come in

Open the door and come in

[clicky biggy, obviously]

And finally for this post – a book recommendation.  I’m a hyuuuuuuuuuge fan of Elizabeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody mysteries, but she’s getting on (both Elizabeth and Amelia!) and I dread there being no more new books. So I was delighted to read a new (to me) archaeological/mystery heroine – not the same as Amelia, no one ever could be, but quirky, completely in her time period ( I have been known to throw books at the wall for the sin of anachronism) and with delightful detail.  Barbara Cleverly is possibly my favourite new find this year!  I stayed up finishing the first book (Tomb Of Zeus) last night and started the second over breakfast this morning.  I’m hoping this will be the start of a looooong series of Laetitia Talbot books!


(Barbara Cleverly also writes the Detective Joe Sandilands series, but I haven’t read any of those yet.)

Right, that’s about it from me, gotta go find where I’ve put the papers I need to take with me to the specialist…

10 of 365

An action shot today!  Yep, despite the low level migraine that’s been bothering me since early last night, I actually got some journalling done today.  (Of course, if you wanna see JOURNALLING, you must go check out Teesha Moore’s most recent posts – I am in AWE, always, of her work.)

One of the things I do when I get into a period of slump and self doubt about my art (dare I even call it that?!) is re-read two fabulous books by Peter H. Reynolds: (Who now has a blog!)

the dot


Both are wonderful stories about overcoming your fear of creating – Vashti’s teacher gets her to just make a mark in art class… and her creativity leaps from there. And Ramon’s drawings are not to his satisfaction, but his sister treasures them and says it doesn’t matter what it was supposed to look like – it looks (x) ISH!

*sigh* Love that.

I’m off to make DOTS. (Speaking of which, you might also like to see Jude at Spirit Cloth’s exploration of dots – really beautiful textiles.)

9 of 365

9 of 365

Although it was previously thought that there were only two types of dirt: white dirt that shows on dark things, and dark dirt that shows on white things, recent experiments with sepia images proves that there is in fact another type – SUPER WHITE dirt that shows up on sepia.

(and hey look – all those books are right – the size of one’s hand IS just about the same as the size of one’s head! Useful to know to get proportions in drawing right…)

I fell asleep during the race this arvo. *sigh* I woke up just at the end of the last lap when Mr Beloved was shaking me “You’ll want to see this!” – poor Lowndesy was pipped at the post!! Never mind, we’ve got Monza to look forward to in a couple of hours – and LEWIS is on pole!!  WOOOHOOOO!

I’m sure most of that was gibberish to most of you, never mind, I will find other things to tell you.


Not so much going on with the art of late… I really should go up and paint now, instead of hanging about down here online.  It’s just that there is there rest of an utterly DELECTABLE rice pudding upstairs, and I am weak…. if I go near it, I’m sure another bowlful will mysteriously disappear…

Nope, I will be strong.  I need to go play with paint!