December 2008

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Eunju and Mum outside Glynburn Fabrics, Firle, Adelaide

Eunju and Mum outside Glynburn Fabrics, Firle, Adelaide

Had a lovely time this morning playing in the local fabric heaven – Glynburn Fabrics.  Their store is just a TREASURE cave!  We found fabric to make Eunju her “Audrey” dress (she loves Audrey Hepburn’s style, and this dress pattern will look gorgeous on her)

New Look 6723

New Look 6723

as worn by the Divine Audrey in “Sabrina”


And because I couldn’t resist: this wonderful heavy cotton in cream, red, orange and brown (I KNOW, not supposed to be my colours, but it’s just so FUN!)

Very Caity Fabric!

Very Caity Fabric!

Also shown = some cream pre-made satin bias binding, because that makes the neckline and armhole finishing so quick…

So – just an final check of the tissue fit for Ju’s pattern (we did the FBA last night, and shortened the waist length) and a quick iron and we’re off!

it was MAD in Adelaide city today – duh, first day of post-Christmas sales will do that!  I was very restrained (not least because virtually the only sizes left on the sales racks were 8s – even at my THINNEST, under 60kg, I need a 12!)

However, I did treat myself to a new book from my absolute favourite author/illustrator: Shaun Tan.

Shaun Tan is a genius....

Shaun Tan is a genius....

Also grabbed a book for Mr Beloved (which I will also enjoy)

Not quite as nerdy as trainspotters....

Not quite as nerdy as trainspotters....

And Ju tried on some lovely dresses and a gorgeous french lace silver sequinned bolero (but we can MAKE that , and it won’t be $799!! sorry, George Gross!)

And now we’re home again, eating the most GINORMOUS mangoes you’ve ever seen:

  • Mangoes!
  • Mangoes!


    Right – nearly time for dog stick river.  Tomorrow: markets and perhaps some dressmaking.

    … so back at my house, we have only acquired full length mirrors quite recently.  And I generally manage to avoid them by keeping them strategically filthy, so I can’t REALLY see myself in them, just a quick passing glance.

    But here in my brother and sister-in-law’s house, the room I am staying  in has MIRRORS.

    The ubiquitous "shot in the mirror" picture

    The ubiquitous "shot in the mirror" picture

    BIG mirrors. The kind you CANNOT AVOID.


    Naked Caity is NOT something even *I* want to witness first thing in the morning, let me tell you!

    And I just got out the scales. NOT GOOD. *sigh* I didn’t think I had been over-eating, but obviously I was wrong.   Thing is, I FEEL better.  I can walk more – in fact, as soon as it’s a little bit cooler, Bidgee is taking me for a rousing game of Stick in River.  I’m still tired all the time, but feeling a little bit stronger, y’know?

    But the weight loss stuff needs to get back on track.  SERIOUSLY.  (Not that I’m going to be all prissy tomorrow – you should SEE the feast my lovely sister-in-law and Mum have been working on!)

    My lovely sister-in-law, Eunju, peeling prawns for the feast

    My lovely sister-in-law, Eunju, peeling prawns for the feast


    Well, time to stop moaning about it and go out and do some interval training with the dog.  (In my interpretation, we walk for a bit, then run for a bit, then both stop and pant for a bit, then run for a bit….)


    Caity the waddler

    No pics yet – I keep forgetting to take my camera!  So far a lovely time with family,  it’s embarrassing how much sleep I need 🙁

    Went to Ikea today – oh, I LOVE Ikea!!  Saw a bed that would be perfect – but mostly I’m in deep desperate LOVE with a their clever storage solutions.  And this table and chairs set: Oh, to not have to eat dinner on my lap – really, that’s not too much to want from civilisation, is it?


    Haven’t found the good fabric shops yet… but I did buy some cheap 100% cotton at Ikea for another version of the trapeze dress – $3.99 metre!

    My brother and his family live in the inner east of Adelaide, which is very beautiful.  lots of old stone houses, leafy trees, and the river just a short walk away.  Bidgee the Border Collie takes me for a walk every day to play “Stick in river” – not a complex game, here are the rules:

    Tell dog to find a stick! FIND A STICK!

    Throw stick in river.

    Dog dives fearlessly into river, retrieves, and races past you with the stick, dropping it anywhere from 20 to 50 metres away (this is the human exercising feature of the game)

    Repeat until either a) too dark to see river, dog, or stick or

    b) your arm falls off.


    I miss Mr Beloved A LOT, and have to speak on the phone to Constance J. Woodle each day, but I’m having a lovely time.

    Here at Chez Beloved, we’re fighting a (losing) battle against these rotten little buggers:

    !)@*(#&@*& PANTRY MOTH!!

    !)@*(#&@*& PANTRY MOTH!!

    They are EVERYWHERE.  And it’s going to be very expensive to get rid of them – not because it’s an expensive process per se – just some pheromone based traps from the supermarket, and a good wipe down of everything – but because you have to THROW OUT EVERYTHING THAT MIGHT BE INFESTED.

    Oh sure, some of the food can be frozen, that kills the blighters. Unfortunately, even though we have an insanely large fridge/freezer, there is NO space in the freezer section at all.

    So MOST things  –  like flour, spices, rice, pasta, etc etc etc – basically anything not in a TIN (although I believe the moths are secretly breeding a mutant SUPERMOTH to even get around that difficulty) have to be tossed.  *fume*



    And the moths are, of course, in my sewing room as well.  Which is why my grabbing the lidless can of this

    Spray Starch

    Spray Starch

    and attempting to spray it around the room -INSTEAD OF THIS



    was inevitable.

    However, those moths have the CRISPEST, MOST CREASE FREE WINGS you ever saw…..


    Ok, just so we’re clear, I don’t mean THIS Pink -(tho I LOVE her!)

    I mean THIS PINK!

    Yep, I was bored at the hairdressers today – bored with being grey.  So – if I’m going to colour my hair, I thought, why not COLOUR it?!

    Pink! I like PINK!

    Pink! I like PINK!

    And although the weight loss is still slowed waaaaaaaaay down, I’m feeling better about it and back to counting calories.  I thought you needed to see me posing in front of our suburb’s emblem: the abandoned car surrounded by unmown lawn.  CLASSIC!

    AND – I had the NICEST thing happen to me today!  You know I just ADORE our local fabric heaven, Gardam’s, right?  Well, I went in to pick up a layby (pics to follow soon, I promise) only to have the lovely manager hand me an envelope and explain that it was a gift certificate from Mr and Mrs Gardam!  YOU COULD HAVE KNOCKED ME OVER WITH A FEATHER!

    Of course I spent it immediately on more yummy fabric, LOL!  Seriously, their store has the best service and fabric – there were some young things in there today making choices for bridesmaid dresses and I promise you, these would NOT be  “Bridesmaid Dresses” – you know, the ones that are so unspeakably awful that you look at the photos and cringe – no, these girls were playing with  gorgeous silk chiffons over some luxe duchess satins – soooo pretty!

    And now I must go and retrieve my new fabric from the washing machine – by the time Miss Constance and I get back from our walk, it will be ready to iron, cut out and sew – wheeeeeeeeeeee!! Another iteration of the fabulous trapeze dress from McCall’s 5583, this time in a rayon/poly/nylon blend that has an interesting (almost looks like velvet but it’s not) texture in black – prefect in case I get to go out some evening on holidays.  And now I know that dress doesn’t need a zip, it’s even quicker to make.

    … and yes, it was awful.  Not because the psychiatrist was awful  – she was actually helpful, and pleasant, and worth going on with in the new year –  but because I have immense difficulty trying to dig through my memory about previous treatments etc.  (Keep a record, you say? IF I COULD DO THAT SORT OF STUFF, I WOULDN’T NEED THE PSYCHIATRIST!!)

    Then I ate according to my emotions and not my Eating Plan.


    Boysenberry Cream Cheese muffin.


    In an Eating Plan that’s supposed to be 1100 calories and about 30grams of fat FOR THE ENTIRE DAY.  Oh, well done, that girl.

    There were plenty of other choices.  I even had a gluten free muesli bar in my handbag.




    I can’t even talk about the rest of everything right now.  I’m going to go lie in the (hot!) bedroom with my (stifling!) CPAP mask on and agonise about THE ENTIRE WORLD’S PROBLEMS for a few hours now.


    Maybe I have rose-coloured memories of the original movie, but as I recall, it SPARKLED.  Ok, the central character was a bit of a wuss, but still – it dripped FABULOUSNESS.

    The new version?  Hmmm. Occasional glints… but no dazzle.

    That said, I did enjoy it.  There were some great performances (Annette Bening! WHERE has she been for so long, hmmm?) And I loved recognizing lines and scenes (the child actress vs “Aunty Crystal” in the bath was almost (from my memory, anyway) identical to the Joan Crawford version) while laughing at some more modern takes (especially in the birthing room).

    The cameos? OMG, THAT was Carrie Fisher?  Eeek!  And as usual, Joanna Gleason did NOT get anywhere near the screen time/lines that she deserved (Did  you SEE her in The West Wing? And how about her utterly knockout performance in Sondheim’s Into the Woods waaaaaaaaay back in 1991? She was been underrated for so  damn long!)  Bette of course pretty much played Bette… Candice Bergen played… Candice Bergen; and Debra Messing played her entire supporting actress role as … well, Debra Messing.

    The fashion?  Well…after the opening montage of stylishly clad feet striding along 5th avenue, I kept hoping for more.  Don’t even TALK to me about alleged fashion designer Mary Haines in those GHASTLY flat shoes (pre-transformation) – it was all I could do not to scream “Oh, honey, NO!” at the screen.

    But her coat in the making  up scene with Sylvia? UTTERLY FABULOUS!  (of course, I can’t find a #$()@*_( picture..)  Mary Haine’s designs? (by John Dunn) Ho hum.

    Look, I didn’t expect the movie to time-travel.  The original was of its time, and so is this movie.  I love that this movie had great roles for some *ahem* “women of a certain age” (and  – WHY don’t we see MORE of some of these people, huh, Hollywood? WHY? ) and I hope the run of “chick flicks for the menopausal” (plese, someone tell me there’s a catchier way to say that!) continues.

    Gowns by Adrian...

    Gowns by Adrian...

    As soon as I can get my hands on the original, though, I’m grabbing my BFF and maybe a coupla other friends, breaking out the air popped popcorn and bubbly, and enjoying it thoroughly.

    Well, after yesterday’s debacle (of which more in a moment a post later) I feel the need for some girly mindlessness.  So I’m off to see The Women with my BFF.

    The ORIGINAL movie The Women (which, alas, I can’t find on DVD) is one of my all time favourite flicks.  Joan Crawford as SuperBitch.   Rosalind Russell being Rosalind Russell – that is, smart, sassy, and gorgeous. Gowns by Adrian.  (swoooooooooon!)

    Can the new one possibly stack up? We shall see…