November 2008

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I’m sooooooooo tired!  I slept all day yesterday.  And I mean ALL DAY – I woke up at 4 pm, still feeling tired.  Today – made it up a WHOLE HALF HOUR EARLIER.  Arrgh!

And I’m still tired.  I’m getting to bed early (straight after The Bill last night, and probably even earlier tonight)   – just … well, pain makes me tired.  A lot.

So even though there are patterns cut and waiting, fabric washed and ready, and I’ve even unearthed the pressing ham… I’ve done NO SEWING.

Which means I still have NOTHING TO WEAR! Which wouldn’t be a problem if all I was planning on doing was staying home and sleeping but I am going ON HOLIDAYS in two weeks!


And I didn’t get to meet up with the lovely Brenda, who was in town for a family do. I also didn’t get to go out to the movies to see Australia, or to an afternoon tea with friends… bugger bugger bugger bugger!

Dentist tomorrow, the routine 6 monthly torture session – I’d much rather that than wait and discover horrible damage, but still – it’s … unpleasant.

Not much room for interesting blogging when all I do is SLEEP, dagnabbit!

… starting with a new therapist.  I had my first appointment today.

Now just a firm twist to the RIGHT and....

Now just a firm twist to the RIGHT and....

I’ve seen a LOT of different doctors about my messy brain.  I’m even seeing yet ANOTHER new one (psychiatrist – today’s was a psychologist) next week.

I am, however, hopeful.  Not least because this new bloke makes sense.  Which is not a given, in the head shrinking field.  We shall see.  Maybe I’m at a point now where I can actually address the issues.


Here’s a novel concept (and pretty much the focus of this therapy): Anxiety is not inherently a Bad Thing.

I remain sceptical.  But I can’t go on doing what I’m doing because IT’S NOT WORKING.  So we shall see.

In other news: I’m off to tissue fit and try to make this:

McCalls 5664

McCalls 5664

The reviews have been mixed over on Pattern Review – I’m not sure how the engineering works, but it seems that if a garment wraps from the front to the back, then the front rides up.  I have fabric for two versions: white with a red and white sash, and blue with a black sash.

And if I’m going to get it cut out tonight, I need to stop faffing about online and go do it!

Well, so much for His Lord High bloody Gastroenterologist saying I don’t have coeliac – three slices of sultana bread yesterday and I am bloated and miserable!

What IS that smell?


Too sick to do much.

Talk to you all later.

3 new pairs

3 new pairs!

Reddish/burgundy leather round toe slingbacks: $230 $40

Red patent leather, wood stacked heel, basket weave at toes: $239 $40

(One can never have too many red shoes!)

Black kid pointy toe quilted flats: $299 $40  (my concession to having to occasionally revert to flats.  At least these are kind glam, with their nod to Chanel’s delish quilted flats…)

SCORE!!  Should I go back tomorrow and get the pink sandals? Hmmmmm….

All from Arabella Shoe Boutique’s back room sale.  Normally all I do at Arabella’s is leave nose prints on their windows… cos I can’t afford even to walk in the door!

Sue got the most fabbo pointy toe burgundy pumps for $20 – I mean, how could you POSSIBLY not get them at that price?

In other news… I now am the proud owner of a copy (in almost my size – will have to enlarge the waist, grrr) of this beauty:

Simplicity 4260; ©1953; Misses’ and Women’s One-Piece Dress: “Simple to Make” dress has short kimono sleeves and bodice underarm section for freedom of action. Concealed pockets in flared skirt are optional. View 1 buttons down entire front. Collar and cuffs are contrasting. View 2 has wide shaped neckline. sleeves open at outer edge. Buttons close dress to hipline with a pleat below closing. Saddle stitching trims the dress.

Simplicity 4260

Simplicity 4260

The envelope for mine is really tattered, but the instructions are there and the pattern has been neatly cut.  Which to do first – the super cute crisp white collar and cuffs (perhaps in a white pique if I can find some?) or the lovely shaped neckline with the shorter sleeves with slit?  Oh decisions, decisions….

And in health news: the swelly belly isn’t going down.  In fact, it’s getting worse.  *sigh*  Ultrasound of my liver tomorrow morning (cue Monty Python’s Meaning of Life Liver Donor Sketch running in my head…) and reverting to gluten free diet (even though the gastroenterologist swears up and down that I don’t have coeliac. Grrrr.)

And my fabulous primary health care doctor has made arrangements for me to see a psych about my OCD issues.  Woot. I’m – thrilled?  No really – it will be good to get some help.  It’s just that – well, if it’s not one thing, it’s another – when will I be FIXED?!  (can’t get the parts, you know, out of warranty…)


Oh – and thanks for those who were worried, but Toowoomba didn’t get the big storms that really hit Brisbane  – as usual, the storm went around the hill.  We only got some heavy rain for about 10 minutes and drizzle since then. Some suburbs in Brisbane were severely damaged.  Our roof leaks in one or two small, manageable spots, but apart from that we’re fine.

Hoping to do some sewing tomorrow…

(Okay, I admit, I’m TRYING to let it go, but it still smarts!)

Had a lovely thing happen today as the TeaBot5000 and I were coming out of the town library.  A lovely woman came up to me and said “Excuse me, are you Caityquilter?”

YES!!!  We’ve been reading each other’s blogs for a while, and have quite congruent interests (quilting, reading, poodles, technology) and had yet to meet up – so she said “When I saw you standing there I thought that HAD to be you!”

We had a brief chat about the frustrations of dealing with technophobes, and the joy of meeting up (virtually and in person) with bloggist kindred spirits.

We’re going to meet up for a lunch soon.

Lunch, dahhhhlings!

Lunch, dahhhhlings!

*post abandoned as neighbout’s screaming child is getting TOO MUCH!! More later when my head has stopped exploding…  Jebus may love the little children BUT I DON’T!  Actually, it’s the parents I blame…*



Yep, again with the disgusting gross embarrassing oral thrush.


Fortunately I recognised the symptoms and had a repeat of the prescription from last time.  Still don’t know if the lozenges are supposed to be orange or lemon flavoured – they’re just yuk!  I’ll have to try and get in to the doctors this week   *sigh*

So anyway – I’m sewing.  Or at least getting ready to cut out this:

Simplicity  3921 – I’m making view A, a simple little bolero top.

One side will be plain black cotton, the other black with little white dots – that way it will be reversible and coordinate with the next few things I’m making – and that’s the whole point of the Endless Combinations Contest over on Pattern Review.

The dress I wore for the cup lunch was piece 1 – so piece 2 has to go with that; then the next thing has to combine with either piece 1 or 2; then piece 3 has to combine with any of the previous ones… it’s a great way to make sure I’m not sewing “orphans”.

(And speaking of the cup outfit, I was thrilled to bits that two other blogs featured my hat – the original inspiration, “Outsapop Trashion“, and also “The Lazy Milliner“- wooooohoooooo! THAT’S what blogging’s all about, making connections!!  The hat itself went un-noticed at the lunch, except by those on the same table.  Next I’m going BIG or not going at all!)

I also cleared my fabric stash of a few pieces of fabric that were so very very autumn I couldn’t even use them as bottoms pieces or linings – fortunately they went to a good Autumn home!

Ow. My mouth and throat are really sore.  Obviously I’m working at just the threshold between well and sick – the least bit of stress and overtiredness and BAM! Down I go.

Off to cut fabric now.  Talk amongst yourselves.

Certain people at a group I won’t name but will no longer be associated with in any way need to read this:

Maybe this is even too advanced for them....

Maybe this is even too advanced for them....

and stay the heck out of things they know nothing about.


Simplicity 2981 again!

Simplicity 2981 again!

Proper post to follow – but I thought I’d show you The Dress – sewn yesterday!

Not bad, hey?  The cotton was jsut a DREAM to work with – I will finish the Dress from Polyester Hell, but not just yet.

Do you like my hat?

I love hats!

I love hats!

My hat - made last night!

My hat - made last night!

I was inspired to try the zipper roses by Outsapop Trashion – a Finnish girl who makes gorgeous stuff from zippers.  I bought the shell (?base? the sinamay straw shape thingummy) at Spotlight; covered it with a double layer of black silk organza, and then used separating jacket zippers to make the roses.  A few ribbon leaves and fripperies, some black veiling – ta da!!

Karen, Caity, and Sue at the lunch

Karen, Caity, and Sue at the lunch

And now I think I’ll just go have a little nap – the wine was lovely but now I’m REALLY TIRED!

Simplicity 2981 again

Simplicity 2981 again

I am three-quarters of the way through the next version of The Dress.  This time in black polyester fabric I bought for $5 a metre.


Woven polyester fabric.  Very PRETTY woven polyester fabric, black with little white spots. At a price I couldn’t resist.

Now, what are the three words we need to remember about polyester fabric, if I should EVER EVER EVER attempt to make anything else from this  hellish material?


(Also, it frays if you so much as look at it wrong. Into teeny weeny very pretty thread snarls that look just like guinea feathers, except are nowhere near as useful.)

(OMG! Just found a shop I could spend most of a lotto win at – Millinery Suppliers!  WOOOOOOT! *wanders off singing “heaven… I’m in heaven…*)

AHEM!  Back to the business at hand:  I bought the fabric from HELL. Straight from Stan’s loom , I tell ya!

Which is why, at 7 pm on Sunday night, I’m just starting to cut out version THREE, in cotton (oh cotton, how I love you!).  Remember I want to wear this on TUESDAY. And I have a hat to trim , too. Last time it took about 2 hours to cut (but that was horrible slippery fabric – oh yeah, I forgot to mention – polyester’s SLIPPERY! and I had to mark every piece carefully with right and wrong side, because there was a subtle but noticeable difference…)

Right. Back to it!  Just promise me, dear readers, PROMISE ME, that if I so much as LOOK at el cheapo polyester woven fabric again, you will take me by the hand and repeat those three words:  Polyester. Doesn’t. EASE!!

My Bestest Sewing Buddy, Sue,  is having a giveaway on her blog– this fabbo issue of Burda World of Fashion Magazine!

Burda July 2008

Burda July 2008

Get over there before November 5 and answer her question, ok!