June 2008

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I am down with The Dreaded Lurgey.  Mr Beloved even had to go to the LIBRARY For me today – so you know I’m really crook!

Arrrgh.  Bed, again. Still. Grrr.

Sorry for the not posting thing – I am spending more time horizontal (and wrapped around a hot water bottle) than vertical at present.

The good news is that I have an appointment with the specialist on the 15th July – and fingers crossed will be able to schedule surgery (TAHBSO – yep, the works) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.    Yep, then I have to deal with menopause all of a sudden – but at least the ovulation and period pain WILL BE GONE FOREVER, muaaa haaa haaa!

My GP is wonderful and agrees that after an (unsuccessful – it made things WORSE) trial of The Pill this is the next course of action – having a specialist “look at things more closely.”

“They can look at them all they like ONCE THEY’RE IN A JAR”, I said.

Back to bed.

This from McCalls Patterns:

McCalls 5717 coat

At first I thought it was just the turquoise blue hosiery I hated.  But no, I realised when I saw the line drawing:

wide lapels (ugh!) pocket flaps on the widest part of the hip (double ugh!) and a RUFFLE  on the bottom of the whole shebang? (BUCKET!!!)

I realise that although this has just been released, SOMEONE NEEDS TO RECAPTURE IT AND NEUTER THE HORRID THING BEFORE IT BREEDS!!!!!!

I can get with the ruffle at the bottom of sleeves things – really I can.  On a bell sleeve, it CAN be super cute.  I am waiting with bated breath for the May Burda World of Fashion magazine to come (in about 4 weeks time) because I think this jacket is adorable.

131B from BWOF 5/2008

See?  But that McCall’s pattern is the mutant offspring of a princess line coat and a provincial production of “My Fair Lady”.    And even though I would quite like a pair of turquoise leather gloves (well, maybe – although a classic plum or scarlet would be better) NOT EVEN THEY can excuse the hideousness of that coat.

Avoid AVOID AVOID!!!There is no possible universe in which this outfit could look good.  If you happen to see anything like this In Real Life, I suggest you back away quietly – don’t run, you don’t want to attract its attention.  *shudder*

I am cold.  Toowoomba has been freezing cold and windy all day – which is part of the reason I stayed in bed for most of the day.  I’m only up now because even though Mr Beloved has just read the starting grid for tomorrow night’s Formula 1 grand prix, I want to watch the qualifying.

But I have a completely irrational desire to make THIS:

Shirt I want want want!

Vogue 8421.  I want the version on the right, with the impossibly huge sleeves.  Do I own this pattern? No.  Do I have fabric to make up into this pattern already in my stash? NO.  I am crazy in love with it anyway?



It’s Susannah’s fault – she’s wearing something like this in one pic in the new book, and I am smitten. Also with the vest thingummy she’s wearing over it -I could ROCK that whole look.  Especially now I’ve worked out what shape I am (Vase.  Yep, vase.  Huh! Now if I could just work out what bloody COLOURS to wear, I’d be set!)

The fact that the blouse takes 3.6 metres (of 115cm wide) fabric and most of that is in the sleeves WILL NOT STOP ME.

Being too bloody cold to do anything but dream about it might!

Sorry, all – I am truly miserable and while I lovelovelove getting your comments, I am just not up to replying. Arrgh! Thanks you so much for them, they DO help – but I think something is really WRONG. I’m just so tired and feel so HEAVY all the time.

Mr Beloved thought I was up reading too late- nope, even putting the book down and turning of the light and putting on my CPAP mask at a reasonable time, (ie, before himself even breaks away from his computer!) and sleeping right through until about 5-6 am when the dog says she has to go OUT, I’m STILL EXHAUSTED.  So much so that I crashed out from around 2pm til 7 this evening.  THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!

Burda Tracing paperDid a few minor errands today – needed more pattern tracing paper so I can trace off a Jalie pattern – possibly this one – to make up in the $2 metre knit I scored at Spodshite yesterday.

Also got to the library – my turn with the Trinny and Susannah Body Shape Bible finally came up (there were a dozen reserves ahead of me) – but after a quick look through I’m more confused than ever about my shape.

Haven’t lost any centimetres off my waist or hips in the last 4 weeks – but my weight is now down to 107.9 – that’s lighter than when I left Canberra, at the end of 2003. Yay!

It probably would have been a little bit more if I had said no to dinner with the girls before we went out on Saturday night – but hey, ya gotta live, right?

And now – I’m back to bed. For those of you lucky enough to be able to work, I’m sure that sounds like BLISS – it’s not when it’s your whole LIFE!!

Whine whine whine.

Had a lovely night out with the girls on Saturday night – dinner at a Thai place (Thanks, Sue, for bringing wine – yum!) and then off we went with several THOUSAND other women and a few intrepid blokes to see Menopause the Musical. Fun, but LOUD!

I have spent the last two days entirely in bed – Mr Beloved wakes me up and makes me eat stuff, and feeds me cups of tea, but that’s all the energy I’ve had. Pathetic.

Simplicity 3678Tried to sew a dress to wear for the big night out and it was even more DISASTROUS than the last attempt!! At least now I know that long full sleeves with elastic at the bottom make me look older than my grandmother…. and that the weight of knit fabrics makes a HUGE difference to the alterations I need to do- which I spent AGES on – and which were then TOO BLOODY BIG.

BTW: I HATE THE F****KING CONTRACEPTIVE PILL. It was supposed to suppress ovulation and therefore the pain – NOPE. after some research, did you know that every kilogram heavier you are than 70kg makes the pill less effective? Great. I’ve had 4 migraines and feel like I’ve had PMT all month and THEN been run over by a garbage truck. And the diet? That’s just a loss right now – I think if I even walk PAST food I’m putting on weight, I don’t even have to eat it. I am NOT looking forward to seeing the dietician tomorrow.

Right, that’s about enough whinging from me – I’m off to make a last cuppa tea for the evening and watch CSI:NY.

The old – straggly, unflattering, frizzly, with dye growing out.

front = OLD

The NEW – sleek (and even I can manage to straighten it now there’s SO MUCH LESS HAIR!) and definitely more age appropriate. Hair colour completely natural (I’m growing into my silver hair…)

Whaddaya think?

It’s sort of a modified bob – longer at the front, not severe shaping at the back but enough to keep it sharp. And I feel so much LIGHTER without all that hair – wow – must take that into account at next weigh-in, LOL!!

I love it so much. I am now officially at home here – I have good girlfriends, and a good doctor, dentist, and hairdresser – I’m NOT (touch wood) MOVING!!

Yes, we went and saw Sex and the City: The Movie. Yes, the dresses were fabboo – and yes, we cried – even the one of us who claims to be QUITE hardhearted shed a tear, didn’t she, Chriss??

Best dress? Ooooh, such a choice! The rose dress. DEFINITELY the rose dress! Not the shape so much (cos bubble dresses on bigger bodies= CIRCUS TENT!) but the print – I am sw0ooooooooning for the print!

Also? Tomorrow, I’m getting my hair cut. OFF.

Yep, you heard me – OFF!!

See, there’s this dyed LINE in my hair (from when I gave up getting it dyed) that looks totally BOGANish, and since I refuse to start smoking Winnie blues and wearing flannie shirts, the only other option is to REMOVE IT. WITH SCISSORS.

My hairdresser doesn’t know yet – except that I changed my appointment from “Trim” to “Style Cut”….

In other news – tonight I decide whether to attempt to pull apart the Domino fabric dress and re-sew it smaller. Cos – this “sack of unsmiling potatoes” look? BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

I can’t believe I just blogged that picture. Have I NO SHAME at all?

Well, since I have…. should I attempt to unpick it? Or just give up??

Remember how I’ve been in HEAPS of pain because of my hips?  Uh huh.

So what did I do on Tuesday night?

Well, because I AM A TOTAL NONG, I put the big cutting mat on the lounge room floor and cut out a dress.


Um, you know the feeling of trying to move a rusted piece of metal?

Yep.  My hips.  AAAARRRRGH!

Today has been about three things:   Ibuprofen + heat + extra codeine….

Thanks all for your good wishes – the pain is almost back under control – HATE getting a bad flare-up like that!

So Saturday – was FANTABULOUS! Sue, Chriss, and I went to Brisbane and had a lovely time. Sckafs fabrics was amazing – a real Aladdin’s cave of fabrics, trims, hats, and fascinators – swooon!

Here’s what I got: (obligatory fabric haul on bed shot, for the PR girls!)

From Fabric Barn in Sumner Park: beautiful polyester jersey, cream/grey/black dots – 2.1 metres.

From Sckafs in Indooroopilly Shopping Town: the yummalicious polyester jersey in cream/chocolate different scale dots – reminds me of dominoes a bit! Also 2.1 metres – I was being optimistic about the size I was going to cut out, I think. Might have to be some creative piecing now to get this to work!

And the black with red squiggles fabric – from Sckafs bargain bin, $5 per metre: it’s only 1 metre wide, and I got just over 2.5 metres. It’s permanently pleated, (so behaves almost like a knit – lots of stretch), dries in a nano-second, and would be perfect for a reversible top of some sort: I can’t decide if I like the black or the cream with black side better. In any case, the mark which we were hoping would wash out didn’t – so I’m going to have to plan and cut this one carefully. ( I did get a further discount – only paid for 2 metres, and that was the end of the roll, or I would have bought more!)

Also – a couple of pieces of tailors chalk (chipped due to my carelessness, bugger!) to replace the pieces Constance J. Woodle ate (ewww!) and some new pins – nothing worse than trying to sew knits with big old blunt pins.

And today in the mail: Jalie patterns! I’ve been reading everyone’s reviews of them for ages and not been brave enough to order, but Sue and I took the plunge. First up – the twin set, I think. The pattern paper is HUUUUGE, since there are 27 sizes printed on the one sheet, but once I trace off the right size I think it will almost take longer to cut than to sew! I also got Pattern #2804, the Empire Crossover Top; Pattern 2215 (which I ordered for the little skirt with the attached undies, but now I really like the pants and shirt as well), and Pattern #2682, the V neck top.

There’s nothing on TV tonight after Time Team, so if my back holds out I might actually get something made.

Also in the mail today – something I won off ebay. Which I probably didn’t NEED but I really really WANTED – since I have such fond memories of looking at Mum’s copy all those years ago:

I know, I know – totally frivolous! I don’t have kids, I barely even KNOW anyone with little kids – but – *sigh* I am going to daydream about these patterns! Mum was incredibly creative and took the bloomers from one design, the bolero top from another, and the little hat from a third to design my fondly remembered bee costume (hey Mum, any photos?!?)  All the patterns were given as diagrams – it was up to the dressmaker to draft out the patterns in the correct size.

Right, now we’ve had dinner I can go try and clear enough floor space to actually CUT something out!

Haven’t done a meme in AAAAAAGGGES and since Gwen tagged me – here we go!

1) What was I doing 10 years ago:
Heck, most days I can’t remember what I was doing 10 minutes ago! Fibro fog and pain have sapped so much of my memory… or as Mr Beloved often says to me after I’ve asked the same question for the third time in half an hour – “Oh look, a castle!” There are GOLDFISH out there with better memories.
That said – 1998, hmm. Well, I was living with my second husband (except we hadn’t actually got around to marrying yet, although by then we’d been living together 5 years.) I was into quilting; a member of Canberra Quilters, and probably FREEZING MY BUTT OFF in the snowy Canberra winter! My mental health is certainly better now; although my physical health is probably much the same.

2.) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):
1. More sleep?
2. Pick up and sort all the &$#$&@)& magazines on the lounge-room floor so I can
3. Vacuum and dust the lounge room so I can
4. get the jersey fabric I bought yesterday spread out to dry so I can
5. Lay out and cut the Butterick 5001 dress (possibly using a slight amount of creative piecing, since I bought the fabric for one size smaller than I ended up cutting the tissue for…)
On the other hand, I might just go back to bed and re-read back issues of Threads, because it’s a wet drizzly day here!

3) Snacks I enjoy:
Cheese! Although I had my first piece of cheese in NINE WEEKS the other night – really really enjoyed that 35 grams of cheese! (When I left home, the fridge at Mum and Dad’s filled up with cheese because I wasn’t there eating a kilo+ per week!)
Almonds. Or pecans. Love nuts – very high in fat, but apparently they’re the GOOD fats, so the dietician tells me.
Apples. But they have to be crisp – can’t stand a floury apple, acck phhhtht!
I can stay away from chocolate 3 and a half weeks out of every four. but that last half week JUST THROW IN THE LINDT 70% and NOBODY WILL GET HURT!
4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Buy up all the house blocks around us, remove the houses and fences, and build hire an architect and a project manager to build a really well insulated house on passive solar principles with an independent water supply and sewerage system, with a sound proofed studio/techgeek room for Mr Beloved, and a big light filled sewing room with enough cupboards to put things away and room to WALK around proper height cutting tables…. sigh!
Travel a little bit – just a couple of quilt/musuem/faberic shopping trips would do. Maybe one month a year. And definitely see more of Mum and Dad, and my brother and his family, and my Canberra friends.
Buy a house or three for friends who could really use the financial break (and somehow persuade them to accept the gift as what is is!)
Don’t think I’d do much else different – oh yeah, except I’d hire a CLEANING LADY! (or cleaning bloke) to come in twice a week and dust/vacuum/do the bathrooms. Happy with my car that we got in August, so that wouldn’t be an issue. Mostly just live a quiet life, but have enough money to give to things that were worthwhile (funding some scholarships for textile artists who otherwise wouldn’t have access to materials/ study opportunities, perhaps.)
Oh, and I’d definitely get a little sister for Constance, from the same breeder, because she is a joy and a delight and the company would be good for her.

5) Places I have lived:
Toowoomba, Queensland.
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.
Albury, border of Victoria and New South Wales
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
Dubbo, News South Wales
Griffith, New South Wales.

6.) Jobs I have had:
Arrgh! Lots of different things – mostly I have lost jobs because of depression/mental illness, now I look back at them. Yuck, confronting!
Fruit and vegetable seller (several times), Executive Assistant (glorified Secretary!)/ Receptionist (also several times); retail sales (electrical, fine china, books – I can’t deal with the people contact these days.)

7.) 6 peeps I wanna know more about (in no particular order):

Anyone reading this – Tag, you’re it!