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It suddenly got cold!  Brrr!  And here am I still looking at things I was “gunnasew” for Summer…

Not much happening here – trying to work out if I can re-schedule a medical scan so I can go to the Stitches and Craft Show in Brisbane instead (scan not urgent, so no panic there.  Just trying to sort out the PCOS stuff *sigh*  I’ve had the pain for months now, another week won’t make any difference!).

And I’d really like to go to the fashion parades at the show – especially with the independent pattern companies, their illustrations don’t really tell you how the garment will look made up.  (Mind you, neither do the big 4 – how many times have I seen a terrific garment sewn up, and been amazed that the drawing was so blah?)

Today’s post brought the Patchwork Quilt Tsushin and Quilt Japan magazines I ordered from New Zealand Quilter.  Lovelovelove those mags!  (Wish I remembered more of my Japanese studies, and that I hadn’t lost all my textbooks to one of the exes or moves, but never mind.)

Shrug from Quilts Japan #121

Look at this beautiful shrug!  I reckon with some trial and error with the diagram I can make something similar.  Hmmmm!

Ok, I’m too bloody cold to stay here and type – I’m off to bed with a hot water bottle, my new magazines, and a notebook…

All those shakes and bars and calorie counting? IS WORKING!! My blood pressure is dropping, and more importantly than just the kilograms lost – my shape is changing!!

When I started on March 26, the body composition measurements (electrical impedance thingummy machine) showed that my Fat Free Mass (that’s all the organs and muscles etc) was 52.9 kg: today, April 29th: 54.9 kg. I’ve put on muscle!! YAY!!!!

On March 26, the Fat Mass measurement was 64.9kg. Today: 57.7! so I’ve lost 7.2 kg of JUST FAT. That’s 15.8 lbs.

My waist measurement has dropped by 3cm, and my hip measurement has dropped by 5cm. (Nearly 2 inches!)

My dietician is thrilled – and so am I. Mr Beloved is also losing weight, because he’s the main cook – and with weighing out my veges and protein, and not having The Phantom Baker* spring puddings and cakes etc on him, he’s already shrunk out of some jeans that I never got around to hemming up (bonus! I hate hemming jeans!)

Artist's Imperssion: The Phantom Baker

*The Phantom Baker is a tricky beastie who used to pop up far more often than was good for ANYBODY, and make cakes and brownies and puddings and bikkies and…. we haven’t seen her since March 26, and we are hoping she remains MIA for quite some time yet.

Next week is my heart-rate measured walk with the exercise physiologist. I’m hoping to be a lot more motivated to walk daily after that.

The annoying Weasel neighbour (it’s a long story) is MOVING OUT – and when he yelled out “Faaaaaaaat girl” today, apart from ignoring him (which burns his butt – you should see him desperately trying to attract our attention, LOL!) I REALLY wanted to yell back “But I’m losing weight – and you’re not getting any smarter!”, a la Winston Churchill’s famous remark (“Sir, you’re drunk!” “And Madam, you’re ugly – but in the morning, I shall be sober.” Possibly apocryphal, but a good story nonetheless.)

And in other news, I wore my t-shirt inside out all day. Nobody noticed. Until Mr Beloved did at the dietician’s office. Admittedly, I wore a jumper (sweater) most of the day, but there were HOURS at quilters when my inside out t-shirt was on display – and nobody noticed. Geeze guys, ya coulda SAID something?! See, that’s what all this “deconstructed” Fashion (read: SLOPPY UNFINISHED RUBBISH!) has lead to. *sigh*

I’m all for desconstructed (as is the author of that blog in the link) where that means: thoughtful rethinking of old paradigms, playing with shapes, opening the way to new techniques. But just ripping holes in a t-shirt and sewing the seams inside out? IS.NOT. DECONSTRUCTION.

Why, when I was young…..

Editors note: At this point, Ms O’Connor was gently led away, as it was time for her stewed prunes and a nap.

Well, now that my host server has decided to WORK again (grrrr!) I can post!

I’ve been crook, obviously. Booked in for another scan next week, and seeing my helpful GP again soon. Got to get this sorted out, arrggggh!

HOWEVER, on Saturday I had the BEST day – went to Brissy with Sue. GIRLY SHOPPING!! Oh man, I’d forgotten how much fun it is to just wander around the shops. I didn’t try on any clothes (there were no fat chick shops) but Sue did, and managed to score some good buys. I had fun just seeing what was “in” in ready-to-wear, and we both grabbed piles of ideas for our sewing – especially from the David Lawrence outlet store – over-runs, samples, and seconds, but still worth checking out.

For example – knit dresses with double faced satin ribbon on the inside of cascading edges and hems – not only helps stabilise the edge, but also means the dress looks really finished inside and out.

There were some really – interesting! samples at the Cue store – things that I’m glad someone said “Ummm, NOT for production!” – and that was also the only store with no mirrors in the dressing rooms, just one big one on the back wall of the store – which I agree with Sue was icky – you kinda wanna know if something looks REALLY dreadful before you have to come out into the glare of the whole store, you know?

We looked at shoes, yum – agreed that the slightly furry leopard print shoes would either

a) have to be petted all. the. time. or

b) be guarded carefully from our dogs….


The find of the day, however, and one we both REALLY regretted not buying (we didn’t even check the price!) was this handbag. Forgive the bad pics – I took them with my phone and I was so busy laughing that the phone shook! Is this not the absolute muppet-est handbag you’ve ever seen?

Sue and I looked at this and immediately thought of the Yip Yip aliens meeting the telephone on Sesame Street….

Isn’t it FABULOUS!! I would be unable to use it, it would become a puppet that I would have to keep playing with. But I am seriously considering driving back down to Jindalee just to get it…

I tried on lots of hats (Have I mentioned I LOVE hats?) which reinforced my determination to get sewing on some – hats hats hats!

Eventually we were shopped out and headed over to the 2QAQ meeting. LOTS of inspiration from the Reddy Art Quilters, who had brought along their journal quilts and Artist Trading Cards (ATCs); and an ATC swap which got out of hand (some people are GRABBY!) and ended up being inequitable. Grrrrr. Simple rules, you get ONE BACK for each one you put in – Linda should N OT have ended up short!

Thankfully, the wonderful organisers of 2QAQ have said the swap will NOT be a free-for-all next time, to prevent that happening again.

I was really thrilled that Sue’s ATCs were all snatched up, too. Next month I’ll have some done… my small contribution to the economy of Jindalee DFO was to buy two small rubber stamps from Smiggle – an elephant, and a skull and crossbones for Mr Beloved. So my ATCs will certainly feature those!

But right now, I’m off to watch the F1 grand prix. If the weather is warmish this week we’re planning some fabric dyeing; and on Tuesday I’m hoping to be well enough to get to quilters and am taking my Shiva sticks and supplies so we can have a bit of a play.

Well, that may have been the longest blogging break I’ve had in the last few years!  I’m still feeling crook – but I’m looking forward to getting out of the house (and out of town) tomorrow for some (window) shopping and the 2QAQ meeting down in Brisbane with Sue.

Still have pain – still incredibly fatigued – but I’m getting cabin fever now.  Still got more tests and scans and specialist appointments scheduled.



I’ve been too tired to even read much, let alone sew.  It’s frustrating.  I haven’t been looking at blogs much because EVERYBODY is doing such awesome work and  – well, I’m not!

All terribly boring to read about, sorry.

In other news: Mr Beloved was able to cut into the ceiling of the lounge room this week (There was no manhole!) to check out the termite damage:

The roof space

I’m very pleased to report that although the plywood ceiling itself has been eaten through, only a couple of the big bits of timber that hold the ceiling up will need to be replaced.  And the cavity wasn’t anyway near as dirty as we thought it could be.  SUCH A RELIEF!!

We’ve priced the replacement materials but are still getting figures together on insulation, possibly skylight tubes, and whirly bird venting.  Stay tuned…

And now I’m taking more painkillers and going back to bed.

I’m too sick to deal with this.

See you all in a few days when I’m back from the doctors and the latest round of pathology reports.

(I just spent over an HOUR writing this the first time only to have it not save when it said it did – dontcha HATE THAT??!!)

Vogue Sewing: If I could only have ONE sewing book in my library, this would be it. Sue brought it to Quilters the other day, and I managed to borrow it from the town library today. Clear illustrated instructions on all those tricky bits you forget between times. Love it!

Saturday Night Hat I love hats. But I have a large head. (Settle down there in back…) I need to make hats!

Plants and Their Application to Ornament: A 19th Century Design Primer Saw this on Serena Fenton’s wonderful Layers of Meaning blog. The plant is illustrated on one plate, and facing is the same plant interpreted in design. Gorgeous!

Create Your Own Hand Printed Cloth: Stamp, Screen and Stencil with Everyday Objects. I’ve been following Raynas blog for a couple of years now. I’d love to take a class with her one day – in the meantime, can’t wait to get this book!

Last, but not least: The Toothpick: Technology and Culture. I adore Henry Petroski’s engineering/social history books, If anyone can make pages on the toothpick entertaining and informative, Henry can!

So there you go – now show me five from you wishlist, please! TAG!!

Friend M called and said “Get down to Mac Campbells – they’re moving and there’s heaps of books for ONE DOLLAR!” – shortly after Mr Beloved and I had discussed whether we would avoid going in to town today or not.

So we went.

Cos you know if there’s one thing we just don’t have enough of in our house, it would be books, right?

Muuuaaa haaa haaa!  Some may end up going in to the next charity book fair – but some have useful, inspiring, relevant stuff.  A dollar each!  Gotta love that.

Off to read now.

My very dear friend in Canberra, Mr. R, recently went to Japan for the sakura (cherry blossoms). I had asked him to keep an eye out for Patchwork Quilts Tsushin or Quilts Japan – but he said when he got to the newsagents it was just about impossible to tell at a quick glance what the magazines on sale were about (“Coulda been patchwork, coulda been p0rn – who knows?”)

I’ve just ordered an issue of Patchwork Quilt Tsushin for myself. $32, from New Zealand, which worked out the cheapest way to do it. “Couldn’t charge your mates to look, couldja?” says the (comedic Scotch) voice from the corner. “It worked when I was young!”

4 little books packed full of Japanese designs

ANYWAY, Mr R. found these treasures for me “In a tiny little arcade full of shrines” . He said they worked out to about $12 Australian each (!!) and they are AWESOME! (oops, two are upside down here. Never mind!)

They are full of line drawings of traditional Japanese designs. Like this:

Japanese design line drawingsTraditional butterfly line drawingsembroidery designs for inner kimono collars

Combine that with Laura Wasilowki’s reminder of how easy it is to carve your own stamps for printing onto fabric in this months Quilting Arts Magazine? I could be kept out of mischief for a very long time.

*sigh* back to these Minutes…. committees, arrrgggggh!

I was laughing myself silly the other day when Terry mentioned her excitement when she finally got her hands on the latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine – (“The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!”) and I have to agree – this must be the best issue yet! (Terry’s article on finishing small quilts will be put to use TONIGHT – how good is that!)

I dreamt I was...

Also laughing because one of the ladies at Quilters today said “Where are all these fabulous new garments, Caity? I think you’re making them in fantasy land!” (I dreamed I was….)

Well – yeah, and no – I’ve been asleep most of the last week. Not very productive! But after one of those horrible sleepless nights last night (and a good sleep in this morning, making me late for Quilters) I think I’m just about back to the right cycle. Maybe I’ll get more stuff done this week.

(and BTW – WHY can’t I buy bras like this with good “forward projection”, huh huh huh? It’s EXACTLY what I want. Hrrrmph. Bring back Maidenform’s stitched cups, say I!)

Notan: The Dark Light Principle of DesignTalked with the dietician today about goal setting. One of my big problems has been that I get overwhelmed by the big end goal – I need to break it up into manageable DOABLE chunks of specific tasks.

I have too many ideas floating about, I need to pin them to the pages of my journal. For example: the new Ricky Tims Rhapsody Quilts book arrived yesterday, along with a book I’ve looked at for ages (thanks to recommendations from Jane Dunnewold, Sarah Ann, and Brenda) – it was cheap on Amazon, so I grabbed it:Notan: the Dark-Light Principle of Design. So I’m doodling ideas, already starting to design the applique for a Rhapsody style quilt – based on our cockatiels. (it makes sense in MY head, trust me!)

And there are so many other things I need/want to do:

  • Finish typing the minutes from the Exhibition Committee meeting on the 5th (time flies!) [ETA: DONE, bloody DONE DONE DONE!!}
  • Find a copyright free image of Toowoomba Violets as background for a flyer (might have to go find some to photograph!)
  • Go to Officeworks to buy printer cartridges to print flyers
  • Actually finish fitting at least one of the sewing projects in muslin so I can cut it out in the real fabric
  • Finish the brown skirt (Just a couple of buttonholes, buttons, facings and hems to go)
  • Find brown shoes to wear with new skirt!
  • Return library books
  • Finish Mum’s quilt for Mother’s Day (I hope!)
  • Work on Dad’s quilt (for Christmas 2007 – oops!)
  • start walking again for 5 minutes per day initially, building up to 40 minutes
  • Clean the house before the dust buffaloes develop sentience and stage a coup
  • think about the quilt I want to enter in the 2QAQ juried show
  • Think about which quilts to enter in the Toowoomba Quilters show
  • Think about quilt to enter into Queensland Quilters Show (uh – maybe not this year…)
  • Read the latest Quilting Arts, Threads, etc
  • Chase up where the Studios magazine has got to – I’m sure I pre-ordered it – hmmmm
  • organise (slightly late!) birthday card for friend J (we’ve been friends 36 years!)
  • yada yada yada a gazillion other things!

But right now I’m off to watch Time Team.

(Which reminds me of another thing that makes me laugh – pay tv. Who has TIME?! I barely get a chance to watch the free-to-air!)

I’m about to start week 3 of this diet from hell medically managed weight loss program. I’m doing ok – shakes, bars, real meal; shakes, shakes, shakes, bars, real meal; shakes shakes bars sakes OH MY GOD YES A REAL MEAL….

I’m having a hard time with “craft” blogs that mention food EVERY OTHER POST. Is it wrong to want to murder whoever first thought “Hey, I know! FAKE cupcakes! All the torture, none of the reward!” (Yeah, I kinda thought it might be. But still…)

And my usual reading matter is letting me down, too. Ever notice how many damn FOOD scenes there are in cosy mysteries? Or in “chick lit”? Or romances? Even the steamy ones mange to include FOOD.

And I admit that this may not have been the ideal time to borrow the anthology “Many Bloody Returns: Tales of Birthdays With Bite” but my name finally came up on the reserved list at the library. (New Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris, and Kim Harrison stories? I had to read those.)

Every TV commercial shows the over-abundance of calories available. Encourages the viewer to eat snacks, to “tame the hunger”. To consume more calories in one burger than I get to eat ALL DAY. (I could get very boring with calories and how much fat is in stuff, but I’m trying not to. Trying HARD.)

I sit and people watch at the shopping centres and you know what? There are LOTS of people much fatter than I am.

And also worse-dressed: I have NEVER inflicted low-cut jeans and the inevitable muffin top they create on an unsuspecting world. In my great mercy. Sadly, many residents of the Darling Downs are not so kind.

Pass the mind bleach.

I’m sticking to my 1150 calories a day. It’s too expensive not to. But I’m getting really shitty with the world for parading excess food in front of me, dammit.

Yep. The completely narcissistic phase of the diet has hit – let’s hope it passes quickly.

I know, BORING, second verse, same as the first… but I REALLY get frustrated by people who criticise internet and tech stuff without even bothering to find out what they’re talking about.  *sigh*

Not a lot else happening here, I’m afraid.  Still haven’t watched the Kemshall’s new DVD; still haven’t finished the brown skirt.

Always stylish... The \"Callum\" slipper by GrosbyI did, however, buy new slippers today – lashed out and bought the real Grosby ones and not the chain store’s cheap knockoff – so they should last all winter.  Yep, elegant whether at home or on the town, that’s your bloggist.  Didn’t you NEED to know that?  Uh huh.

Mr Beloved went on a hunt and destroy mission for the dust buffalo herd under the bed… only one more corner of the room to go, and I’ll tackle that one tomorrow, perhaps.

Move along, nothing to see here….

If you wanna see some REALLY stylish dresses?  GO here.  Swoooony blog from the Met Museum, all about frocks.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard....Bloody exhausted. Didn’t manage to get out of bed all day. Poor Mr Beloved kept coming in saying “Don’t I need to feed you again?” I couldn’t manage to have the last Optifast shake until 10pm, I felt too full from dinner.

And now I’m going back to bed, having achieved abso-bloody-lutely nothing all day. Again.  It was a public holiday here today so I didn’t miss much, anyway.

It’s not “the cover of the Rollin’ Stone”, but hey – I’ll take what I can get! Here’s me looking FAT in the local paper last Saturday.

Toowoomba Quilters in the local paper

Yep, I’m the ginormous one in the blue tent t-shirt. *sigh* click to enlarge image and see me in my hugeness.

Nice bit of publicity for the club, though! That’s Di in the yellow. Chris and Linda don’t have blogs (I suspect they have busy lives instead!)

Went to the Gardam’s do tonight – it was PACKED!  But wonderful. They had 20-50% off everything in the shop.  I saw some of the other Toowoomba Quilters there, too.

I was very restrained – I had orders from a couple of girls (Hi Chriss! Hi Vicki! got your fabric, sweeties!)  who couldn’t make it this evening, and I bought two lots of 2.4 metres (enough for tops, I hope) of these luscious silk/rayon blends – reduced to $19.95 per metre – well, I HAD to have some at that price!

Beautiful Silk/rayon blends

(Sorry for the flash flare – I’ll take better pics tomorrow in daylight.)  Both fabrics are devore, (that should have one of those French accents, but you know what I mean, yes – “burn out” fabric?) – so they’re sheer but still covering.  Flattering for those wobbly upper arms, dontcha know, while still being  a bit sexy.

The brown and blue fabric will be the little jacket for this pattern, over a plain brown jersey dress; and I think the wonderful milk-coffee/brown/teal/grey/burgundy print will become this rather nice tunic top.  (I hope I’ve bought enough – oh well, will have to work with what I’ve got!)

(I WILL make a muslin first.  I was an IDIOT for not making one for the brown wool skirt – oh well.)

Before and after going to Gardam’s, I went to Swish with the girls – Sue, Jan, Maria, and Jenny from Melbourne.  Didn’t do my diet (ahem! “Medically supervised weight loss program”) too much damage, but did enjoy myself. I hadn’t been there before – it was quite pleasant (although the music was a little loud for my ears – yet another sign I’m getting OLD?!)

Explore The Painted Quilt DVDSo – tomorrow is Toowoomba Show Day, a public holiday.  I plan to sleep in, then finish my brown skirt; perhaps watch the new DVD that arrived today – “Explore the Painted Quilt” by Linda and Laura Kemshall.  I reckon the book is one of the best textile related buys I’ve made in the last few years – lots of info and inspiration  – so I’m expecting the DVD will be great! It comes with a CD of patterns and worksheets – good value.  Will write a proper review soonish.

Gawd, look at the time – I’m off to BED!

1. Why are cheap bracelets/bangles (And even more expensive kits to make same at the bead shops) sized for teeeeeeeeny wrists? My wrist is 7 inches around. No matter what I weigh. My wrists have been this size since I was 12 years old. And not a single !@*&#)(@*! bangle will go around it. (Let’s just ignore for the moment that the vast majority of bangles also won’t go over my hand to get to my wrist).

And for those who say “Well, buy elastic ones” (TACKY!) “or opening ones” – we run straight back into the 7 inches problem. To those fashmagslags who say bangles and baubles are so very IN for winter? :-ppppppppp raspberries…

(I have never had an opportunity to test this – but I bet Cartier and Tiffany make their bangles BIGGER, dammit!)

2. Why does hair go wiry when it turns grey? Isn’t GREY Punishment enough? Must it stick out from my head like alien antennae too?

3. And why couldn’t it be my CHIN HAIRS that are white/grey, huh? How come the chin hairs have full, rich, hair-colorant-commercial-strength colour from root to tip?

4. You really do become invisible to shop assistants after a certain age. I have reached that age.

A note to staff: You are there to serve ME, the customer. Not gossip about “So and so’s boyfriend” or “So and so in accounts”. ME. I pay your wages, dammit!

Or NOT, if I choose to walk out instead of waiting for you to notice me standing with my wallet open waving CASH at you. (Now I know why older women tend to mutter darkly to themselves in shop doorways…)

5. I have now also reached the age when all the police constables look like they’re far too young to be out by themselves after dark.

Please, whatever Deity is listening – as I age, could I please look like this

Lady Diana Riggs - the ONLY Lady Diana for me

rather than this?

Muaaa haaaaa haaaa my pretties!

Alert the media – we actually WENT OUT!  TOGETHER!  TO A LIVE GIG!!

And I’m so glad we did – in spite of a stage side light glaring at us (we’ll know to sit on the opposite side of the hall next time) and my incipient migraine (I was the chick wearing dark glasses throughout the afternoon), we had a fabulous time listening to Paris Dreaming.

Paris Dreaming (photo nicked from their site)

Mr Beloved has been on a bit of a Django kick lately, and we both love gypsy swing (or “jazz manouche”) and it was worth going out among the Hu-Mans to hear it.

I must say though that the smell of oil-fried snacky goodies wafting into the theatre was a bit much… I had to come home and eat what is euphemistically sold as a “Honey Nut Oat bar” of 170 calories (5 fat grams)- I’m not sure if it was Mr Beloved or my Dad who called it “sawdust and tape worm eggs”, but that’s a more accurate description.

I’m off for a lie down before the prancing.

I'll just pretend they're not there...Well, I’m totally peopled out and exhausted – had to crash in bed as soon as I got home this arvo. WHY do I talk myself into these situations?

Answer: because I don’t believe you get to whinge about something unless you’re prepared to get in and have a go & make a difference. I suppose I could stop wanting to make things better/different? But indifference does NOT appeal.

I just need better strategies for dealing with people – especially BULLIES. I don’t know what to do with bullies. If I back down I feel – well, bullied – and if I attempt to stand up to them I think I come across as being – ummmm – rude?

I also find it really difficult when other people don’t stay focused and on task – which makes me seem like I’m being pushy. If I’m in a meeting, I want to get the things done that need to be done, get tasks assigned, and get it sorted.

Other people want to share every little experience from years ago that may have related in some minor and peripheral way to the discussion at hand. Or tell me how “We tried it that way once (and therefore we are never going to revisit the issue regardless of what may have changed.”)

My new mantra for such meetings will be “That’s very nice, but how is it relevant?”

Or I could just not go, not be involved, and go back to having no social interaction except online, hmmm?

Hi, I’m Caity, and I’m an ASPIE….
I wish I’d know that years ago – it would have saved me from a lot of “life lessons” … I’m going to go curl up in bed and whimper now.

Viv Stanshall
from the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band said it best:

My pink half of the drainpipe
Separates me from the incredibly fascinating story of your life and every day to day event in all its minute and tedious attention to detail… And was it a Thursday or a Wednesday?  Or, oh, no, it wasn’t though.  Oh,who cares anyway because I do not so Norman, if you’re normal, I intend to be a freak for the rest of my life, and I shall baffle you with cabbages and rhinoceroses in the kitchen and incessant quotations from “Now We Are Six” through the mouthpiece of Lord Snooty’s giant poisoned electric head.

I had LUVVERLY birfday, thank you all!

Birfday Postcard! postcard back

Isn’t that just the sweetest! Sue is such a sweetie!

I should explain that I am on a TOTAL paisley kick right now – if it’s GREEEEEEEEEN paisley, so much the better!  And I pointed out lots of ’em to the girls when we were at the Auchenflower shop last weekend. 🙂

More pics soon

… the answer is MORE POWER!   heh heh heh…

Yep, I now have a new iron.  TWENTYFOURHUNDRED WATTS, baby!  *makes appropriate Tim the Toolman grunting noises*

Only problem is – without water in it, it’s wayyyyyy lighter than I’m used to. I will adapt.  Toowoomba water is so hard that irons just get scaled up and spit rusty spots (and I’ve tried to remember to use distilled water but – sheesh!  I’m just not that dedicated.)  Hopefully by keeping this one as a dry iron it will at least last its warranty period…

(For those wondering how you iron without water in the iron: spray bottle set to mist, and pressing cloths.  For my birthday I lashed out on a whole metre of silk organza – half of which will now be a pressing cloth.)

No one had an iron without steam holes.  NO ONE!! But at least I was able to buy one without the annoying auto shut off beep beep beep beep ARRRGHGHHH!

And – something I’ve been wanting for ages also: a Hair iron!hair iron! A wet-to-dry hair straightener – because sometimes I HATE my wavy hair.   Straight hair always looks glossier and more elegant.

And – I went to Gardams.  Hanging on the line right now I have some brown batiste (for lining a top) and some absolutely un-crushable brown jersey (for this dress.)  Oh, and a metre and a half of the brown wool stuff for the bias skirt – I didn’t buy enough, and today I got the very last of the bolt – phew!
I can’t find brown shoes anywhere, though – dammit!  Guess I’ll just have to wear black and try not to be self conscious about it.

AND I went to the physio – I’m doing really well with fixing the urinary incontinence thang.  You remember all those times your mother told you to “Stand up straight and hold your tummy in!” (well, mine did, anyway) – turns out she was so, so right.   You now have permission to poke me with a sharp stick if you see me slouching.  But my muscles are learning what they’re meant to do, so yay me!  I have new exercises to do to help strengthen my back muscles, which should also help with the hip/back pain.

Nearly time for Grand Designs: more later.

Formula 1 fan CaityI’m 40 today.

Mum and Dad sent me a lovely home made card (with a cheque that is going straight to buying fabric at Gardams!) and my friend Di from quilting gave me some beautiful green and pink fabrics for the Tuesday monster quilt.

I am so grateful for my friends and family; for the help I’m getting to improve my health; for my little dog, cat, and birds, and most of all for Mr Beloved. (Whose birthday is tomorrow but shhh – he doesn’t do birthdays.)

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