1001 am Sept 23 sky

Nope, not a sepia tint – this is really how it looks outside right now!

10 am sept 23 sky

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The air is full of dust.  Super fine red grit is all over everything.  And it tastes… dusty.  We’re both snuffling and sneezing and my eyes are watering (it’s going to be a day when I use a LOT of my eyedrops – I have chronically dry eyes anyway, so with dust in them? BLEAGGH!)   Planes have been diverted from Sydney to Brisbane (! ) and Brisbane planes are waiting for the dust to clear.

I’m going to be hiding in bed, possibly with my CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) machine running  – it has good filters and the humidifier really helps – I can feel my chest getting tight so I’m off to grab some ventolin (bronchodilator) .  Hope everyone else is ok!

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    Wow, there was a picture of your area in my local paper today. I'm in Baltimore, MD. Praying that you are ok.

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