So I’m doing this online thing with Kelly Kilmer and it’s AWESOME, a painting prompt, collage prompt, and journalling prompt every day.  I think it’s really pushing me out of my comfort zone (layers of acrylic paint!) and yesterday I was happily painting the background when I saw this figure start to emerge.

(Be gentle, she’s not done yet, and I don’t normally paint  – ummmm – recognisable things! )


What do you think? I’m not quite sure where she’s going next, why there’s a bird on her head, or what she’s doing but we’ll work it out.

And now my confession: I LOVE ALL THINGS HALLOWEEN-Y!!

There, I’ve said it.

It’s not a holiday we celebrate down under (sadly!) so the very few bits and bobs of Halloween stuff we get in the shops tend to be of the very low end, cheap-nylon-witch-hat-with-attached-purple-wig variety.  (No disrespect intended to any cheap nylon witches.)

And alllll the arty blog girls are making AWESOME Halloween stuff – I mean, check out these bunnies who’ve decided that Bunnies aren’t just for Easter! And of course the SPOOKTACULAR stuff over at Cart Before the Horse (who BTW are having an awesome giveaway, go there now! Oh wait, DON’T, cos I want to win it! No, hang on, DO, because their stuff is WONDERFUL!).

Am I a lone Aussie in love with Halloween?

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  1. Kelly’s avatar

    I left you a comment on your post on the APAD site, too. I just showed your drawing to my husband who was also VERY impressed. Seriously way cool and I do hope that you do more…
    Have you thought of making copies of this and altering her up? Seeing how else you can push and pull her…
    LOVE the image. LOVE her.

    1. Caityquilter’s avatar

      Thanks, Kelly! *blushes* Yep, I'm going to scan her before I go any further, just in case… I never would have found her without your push to get me doing more LAYERS of paint than I've ever done before!

    2. Annie’s avatar

      Fucking AWESOME!!! 8-)))))))))

      1. Caityquilter’s avatar

        Thanks, Annie! I've scanned it now I 'm about to be Very Brave and go add more paint…

      2. Suzanne’s avatar

        Hi Caity,
        I like your painting – very cool. I'll check out that journal prompt site you mention. I'm trying to find a good prompts site.
        Have you looked at Soul Food Cafe. It's an Australian site that fosters creativity. There is lots of activity about Halloween going on at the moment.
        Cheers – Suzanne

        1. Caityquilter’s avatar

          Thanks, Suzanne! I'm about to run out of bandwidth for the month (arrgh! 3 entire system rebuilds/updates for our computers!) but come the 2nd, I'll go check out Soul Food Cafe – it would be nice to connect with some more Aussies!

        2. Naiiad’s avatar

          We celebrate at the opposite end of the year with Samhainn. Not exactly the same but close enough!

        3. aimee’s avatar

          super page and i love seeing your art materials scattered around! very cool!

        4. Trix’s avatar

          No way, Caity! I'm another Halloween loving Aussie – even though I don't fully understand the whole meaning. I just love the images and everything that goes with it. Where I live we have one discount shop in particular that seems to sell plenty of halloween gear. One of my favourite pastimes at this time of year is to check out all that American Halloween candy.

          Your journals are cool too! Good on you for stepping outside your comfort zone.

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