I didn’t forget to take my 365 self portrait yesterday – I just didn’t have my computer. It had been getting a wee bit unstable, as these things do, so it was time to save all the data and do a “nuke & pave” – wipe the whole box clean and install a whole new Operating System.  I must say, I LOVE LINUX MINT!!  Super easy to manage, (I did the install by myself! Try doing THAT with a w1nd0ws OS!) and the price is awesome (FREE!).  My computer is now back up to date and running faster – I just have to make time to trawl through all the backed up files and see what REALLY needs keeping.

And I’m very gradually learning how to do more things in GIMP – all the layers and brush tools and so on like ph0t0sh0p, but again – FREE!!  We love that price!

Today I had a lovely shopping morning with BFF Sue – I only bought a couple of very necessary T-shirts, booooooorrrring! Oh, and a small pressie that I have to mail off tomorrow for a friend in Oregon. (Tee hee! I will show what it is once she has hers – it was so cute I had to buy one for myself, too!)

Off to the gastroenterologist this arvo.  *shudder* Hope she can at least point me in the direction of some answers – I’m really tired of stomach/abdominal pain.  Ugh.

Open the door and come in

Open the door and come in

[clicky biggy, obviously]

And finally for this post – a book recommendation.  I’m a hyuuuuuuuuuge fan of Elizabeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody mysteries, but she’s getting on (both Elizabeth and Amelia!) and I dread there being no more new books. So I was delighted to read a new (to me) archaeological/mystery heroine – not the same as Amelia, no one ever could be, but quirky, completely in her time period ( I have been known to throw books at the wall for the sin of anachronism) and with delightful detail.  Barbara Cleverly is possibly my favourite new find this year!  I stayed up finishing the first book (Tomb Of Zeus) last night and started the second over breakfast this morning.  I’m hoping this will be the start of a looooong series of Laetitia Talbot books!


(Barbara Cleverly also writes the Detective Joe Sandilands series, but I haven’t read any of those yet.)

Right, that’s about it from me, gotta go find where I’ve put the papers I need to take with me to the specialist…

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  1. Annie’s avatar

    Great boots, although it's given me an earworm of 'kinky boots' for some weird reason. Love your journal pages. I can just hear the giraffe doing the 'well hell-oooooo' thang. Keep up the work!

    1. Caityquilter’s avatar

      *sings* kinky boots kinky boots!

      That little giraffe head was from a postcard that has been dragging around with me for years! Finally found a home. (and so have i!)

    2. Edwina’s avatar

      Hi Caity

      Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway, hope you will visit again soon.

      best wishes


      ps. I hope your computer gets better soon 🙂

      1. Caityquilter’s avatar

        Your blog is lovely! And thanks for visiting mine!

      2. Celeste’s avatar

        Re: stomach/abdominal pain
        Have you tried Bifidobacteria & Lactobacilli?

        Primadophilus® Bifidus ( is what I use very successfully. I'd give it about two weeks before you give it up, but it is worth the expense if it controls the pain and discomfort.

        1. Caityquilter’s avatar

          Thanks, Celeste – worth a try!

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