Family Ephemera

So I’ve been thinking a lot about ephemera lately – finding it, and using it in my journals.   When my Nana’s house was cleared out, I inherited many interesting things – this is one of my favourites that I only recently discovered in an envelope full of saved stamps:

The stamp dates from 1936 and celebrates the Centenary of (the State of) South Australia, where my grandfather was born (and coincidentally, where my brother now lives in the very small suburb of Granpa’s birthplace!

So I love the handwritten notation “This is news to me.”

I have no idea who wrote it but it makes me laugh.

news to me

My parents are currently cleaning out their house of many accumulated things and part of me want to go down there and RESCUE it all and bring it back here!  HOW HOARDISH AND SILLY IS THAT?

(but look, you never know what cool stuff you might find….)