8 of 365

Playing with settings on the camera.  I like sepia.

Another day where I was so exhausted and in so much pain I went back to bed at 4 pm and just stayed there til 9 pm.


Couldn’t even READ.

Tomorrow has to be better, if only because I want to watch the V8 supercars in the first of the enduro races…

(and a postscript: scrolling back through previous posts, I was amused by the similarity of these two images:

kindyme sept 5

4 (turning 5) and 41.  Scary!

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  1. Marion’s avatar

    Hi sweetie, LOVED your post about your printer, and of course, your wonderful goat who got a refund! That's pretty amazing, I've experienced crap like that from various shop people who try to get away with that shit.

    Like your sepia photo – took my camera down to the sculpture garden today and took photos, will see what they are like tomorrow, after I sit an online exam tomorrow. Next module – 'The Teen Brain' – oh boy – I am such an evil mother, little do my teen children know….!

    Had 'Back to Church' day today, Chris and Dane came, (Alex came too, sometimes he accompanies me, but today he was chatting up one of the girls) and Chris said the service was quite moving, it was, we have an exceptional young guy as the priest. In two weeks it's the 'blessing of the animals', so Puppita is coming to church, we're on the welcome, it's going to be a riot… Alex says he's not missing it for anything

    Hope you are able to be up and about soon, much love, Marion xxxxx

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