I started re-reading (for the gazillionth time) The Princess Bride.  (And  you know, I can’t decide if the book is better than the movie, they’re both awesome.)

Then when I got downstairs this morning, I saw this in the news feeds:


A BBC film crew recording a programme in an extinct volcano in Papua New Guinea has discovered a new species of giant woolly rat, a frog with fangs, and around 40 other exotic creatures unknown to science.


(yes, I know there are much bigger rodents around the world.  But sheesh, work with me here, ok?)

(Also – FANGED FROGS?  How freakin’ cool is that?  In a creepy, gawd I don’t ever want to meet one unexpectedly kinda way. Obviously.)



  1. Keely’s avatar

    Inconceivable! 🙂

    I don't think I'd want to be meeting fanged frogs either.

    1. Caityquilter’s avatar

      It gave me nightmares last night just thinking about it!

    2. Becky’s avatar

      Rodents of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist. 😉

      1. Caityquilter’s avatar

        LOL! SUCH A good book!

      2. Warty Mammal’s avatar

        LOL! There's serendipity for you!

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