“Doctors are up in arms over official Queensland Health Department guidelines which urge weary medics to drink six cups of coffee a day to fight off fatigue.”

Say WHAT? So, now not only are we likely to be treated in hospital for emergency care by some poor bugger who’s been up for 72 hours, they’ll be jittery on caffeine as well? Oh please tell me that this is someone’s idea of a joke… not more doctors, shorter shifts, nooooo, MORE DRUGS, that’s the answer! Why not just give them those Sooper Sekrit combat drugs that I’m sure various armies have developed and let them go until they COLLAPSE IN A SCREAMING JIBBERING HEAP, huh, Queensland Dept of Health?

You know, I’ve been pretty lucky with health care – touch wood – I’ve been able to go to hospital when I needed to.  And when I’ve been there, I’ve had excellent care.  But WHY would anyone WANT to be a doctor, knowing these are the conditions you will be forced to work under, at least while you complete the hospital part of your training? Is there ANY other profession that treats (ha!) people like this?

I am shaking my head in wonderment.

And considering not reading the news anymore, it’s just FREAKIN’ ME OUT.

3 of 365

3 of 365 – not something that needed hospital care, just a slight burn to my inner right arm from hugging a hot water bottle.


  1. Andrea’s avatar

    er … teachers? … maybe not quite the 72 hours without sleep thing – but not much better treatment … (no I am not a teacher, but I do work at a school – and now that I know what teachers have to put up with/do – I am not sure I would want to be one mind you – they get paid a lot more than I do … )

    1. Caityquilter’s avatar

      Coming from a family full of teachers, yep, I agree they are treated badly! But still, not quite so crucial whether a kid misses an economic theory….

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