Just SHUT UP, Caity, SHUT UP!

Sept 4 prompt

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The journal prompt was “Who in your life talks too much?”

My answer – me.  ARRRGH!

Do you think my journal pages are improving?

My tonsils are spotty and I am having a bad fibro flare up – I think I’ll be having another bed day today.

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  1. Suzanne’s avatar

    Hi Caitlin,
    I've just discovered your site and find it a wonderful blast of fresh air into the whole (to often cloyingly sweet world of visual journaling). I loved your story about the women in the scrap booking shop.
    I have chronic fatigue which is similar to your fibro. Journaling is becoming a vital part of my life. My journal blog is http://journallingon.blogspot.com/
    You've inspired me to update it.
    I'll bookmark your site and check back again to read your raves and look at your great journal pages.

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