Dad and little Trojan

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

(This was taken in May when I was in Wagga for a visit.  Isn’t this vehicle cool? It’s a miniature version of Dad’s vintage car – a 1925 British Leyland Trojan Ute – but this one is designed to run on the little railway at the botanical gardens.)

And here’s my brother, Gordy.  His son is finishing high school this year!


Happy Father’s Day, Gordy!

And also a VERY HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MR BELOVED, who hates being photographed, but is well loved by all the fur and feather kids!


And here’s day 2 of 365:

2 of 365

very attractive, non?



  1. Marion’s avatar

    Hi Sweetie! Happy Father's Day to y'all! Hope you sleep alright tonight, and wake up feeling better in the morning. Nasty tonsilitis!!! Sorry about my spelling, I'm calling it a day and going off to bed, too,

    M xxxx

    1. Caityquilter’s avatar

      Thanks sweetie! Not much sleep (again!) but hoping I can see the doctor before too long…

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