me sept 5

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For some reason unknown to me at this stage, I am going to take a photo of myself every day for a year, starting today.

So this is what I would look like RIGHT NOW if you could see through your screen all the way to me.

Scary, huh?

I have had sleep problems again – two nights with about 3 hours sleep each, then could not MOVE today.  Symptoms of a flare up of the fibromyalgia (I now know that a full hour of Pilates class on Tuesday night was overdoing  it. DAMN!)

I have made no art for 2 days.

Also, on Thursday I went to the first Sewing Guild meeting for The Darling Gowns group.  Sue did a wonderful job getting this organised and leading the discussion about what we members wanted to do as a group.  But as usual, I talked too damn much (arrrgh!) and talked OVER people… it’s one of the worst things I do and it makes me cringe when I realise that I’ve done it.  *shudder*

And it was just exhausting – being with people is great, but draining.

And then for some STUPID reason, channel 10 decided to run the finale of So You Think You Can Dance (USA) starting at nearly 11pm!! And you know I loves e some dance, I was determined to watch but sheesh! I was thrilled when Jeanine won ( even though I was dying to know, I didn’t let myself be spoilerised on the outcome!)

Here’s a journal page for ya:

Sept 3 prompt

[click if you wanna read it]

And that’s it from me today, folks. One cuppa nice hot milk and bed for me!

Oh, and PS – we had a storm last night and actually recorded 25mm of rain at the airport – which tends to be dryer than where we live, but anyhow – that’s the most rain we’ve had since… ummmmm…. well since I can’t remember when! (yes, I know, given my poor memory that doesn’t mean much, but the dams are seriously low still and I think the Level 5 water restrictions are pretty much permanent.)



  1. Kelley’s avatar

    What a great idea to take a photo of yourself every day! Can I tell you I'm loving that new hair of yours – veerrry nice.

    I know what you mean about talking too much and over people – I do it too AND I beat myself up over it later (much like you're doing). Funnily though, when someone else does it, I see it as enthusiastic and excited. I'm not usually critical of them at all. Funny how we hold ourselves to much higher standards.

    Sounds like your sewing group was fun. I'm jealous I can't be there.

    Hope your nights improve..
    Love, Kelley

    1. Caityquilter’s avatar

      Thanks, sweetie! That's just it – if anyone else does the overtalking thing I think "Yay for their PASSION" but when I do it I think "I am the worst person in the WORLD!"

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