Pretty is ok too…

up early

(apologies for the somewhat blurry text – getting to the end of this book and I really should have propped up the low side on the scanner!)


  1. Annie’s avatar

    I'm going to blame it on failing eyesight, but I didn't realise that your main title was I love being up **early**. I sat and puzzled over the smaller picture wondering what loving being up carly meant. When I embiggened the picture it suddenly made sense. Oh Dear!

    But you're right, you're getting closer to **your** style, which is good. Loved the way you've linked in the dragons, and I particularly love the rings. This is very, very nice. Lovely to see WHITE on a journal page for a change!!!!

    (Which is bizzaro, as I have just spent a happy evening, covering my journal pages with Pan Pastels, whilst chatting with the Darling about life the universe and everything….) Go figure.

    1. Caitlin’s avatar

      LOL! My writing isn’t always clear….

      White pages are HARD! Seriously I sat in front of that one for the LONGEST time, even though it already had the dragon picture. BLANK, I was, totally BLANK!

      1. Annie’s avatar

        Well Caity, you did bloody well! I agree, I think that not relying on loads of colour and texture is really difficult. Again, well done.

        1. Caityquilter’s avatar

          Thanks, Annie – your encouragement is MUCH appreciated! *mwah*!

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