Biology and Manual Training

One of my favourites from the old portfolio:

biology and manual training for blog

[click big, yada yada…]

We are about to have our internet access throttled (aaccck!) because SOMEONE was a bit naughty and looked at lots and lots of bandwidth munching art sites this month, didn’t they CAITY?!

(At least they just reduce the speed, they don’t let us keep going and then send a bill for excess use like some (coughb1gp0ndcough) providers.)

I am getting STUCK in my visual journal – too much same same, you know?  I really need to get into some online classes and LEARN STUFF!! (cheaper than books and you get feedback straight away – I ? technology!)


[bigger if you click]

Got the new printer hooked up today (yay!) but sadly, it has no drivers to make it run on Linux OSs.  Bummer!  Luckily we keep a Windows box around for just such things – my embroidery machine software and Electric Quilt programme also need the infernal Windows. (Don’t tell me to get a Mac, please – they are NOT for povs! $$$$!! And Linux is open source and FREE.)

Also dug out the little photo printer but discovered that leaving the ink cartridge in it for (la la la!) years doesn’t do it much good.  Still, when life hands you lemons, make margaritas:


Only half the nozzles on the inkjets worked – but I am going to pretend I MEANT that to happen so I could alter/add to these postcard size prints anyway.  Yep!  (I’m hoping that when the new cartridge goes in things will right themselves – if not, I’ll have to do some opening and tinkering – good thing it’s well out of warranty, eh?)

The weather has turned cooler this evening – supposed to only be 8 C (brrr!) overnight.  Yes, I know when I ived in Canberra, it was a good winter day when it got UP to 8 sometimes! But I’m spoilt living here.  The weekend is supposed to bring more heat again.

OK, that’s it for now… things might be slow with only limited access here til midnight on the 2nd!


  1. Susan Sager Brown’s avatar

    Caity, you are HILARIOUS. I love your "attitude" and the words you use to express it. Oh and your Art Rocks too!! Your Survelliance page strikes a creepy cord in me…..xoSusan

    1. Caityquilter’s avatar

      Thanks, Susan! Creepy, huh? That makes me giggle!

    2. Warty Mammal’s avatar

      This is great stuff.

      Just enough room on those half-prints to embellish, write something, stamp … or leave it blank.

      Half the nozzles not working. Hmmm. Used to know a quick and dirty fix for that. Rubbing a pink pearl eraser across? Oh, well. I'll bet you and the Rhino know about it already.

      1. Caityquilter’s avatar

        You know what? We DIDN'T Know! Thanks!

      2. Annie’s avatar

        Dear Caity,

        Love it! Agree with Susan about striking a creepy chord! Shame about the limited speed, but much MUCH better than getting a HUGE bill. I'm getting some of Lesley Riley's TAP from PROChem in a couple of week. I'll send you up a sheet or two for your journals (or anything else you'd like to transfer stuff onto!



        1. Caityquilter’s avatar

          Hmmmm creepy, me?! LOL!

          You have to let me BUY some TAP, you nong, but thank you for the offer!

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