Another stressful Friday night as the DICKHEAD across the creek thinks he can play music as loud as he wants any time he wants because he’s in “an industrial unit”.

Um, no, he can’t.

Unfortunately, no one in authority want to take responsibility – is it a council/police/EPA/? problem? They’re all buck passing and meanwhile we hear “The Best of the ’80s” DOOMPHING through our bedroom….

Much more to the story but suffice to say: we are both incredibly tired and stressed and grumpy.

I am probably not even going to watch the V8 supercars race and it’s the Queensland Raceway meet… so you KNOW I’m feeling unhappy!

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  1. Keely’s avatar

    You poor things! Personally, I'd be feeling tempted to give him a taste of his own medicine. Something soothing like…. Slipknot? Cannibal Corpse? Other really heavy metal bands? (not that I listen to this stuff – I asked teenager what some LOUD music would be to be woken up by at 5am). After all he's in an industrial unit so he can't complain can he. 😉

    Similar issues with our neighbours are why I refuse to tell my kids they can't play basketball outside. Apparently the sound of the ball bouncing on concrete midday is too loud. Yeh – NOW they don't like loud noise.

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