Reluctantly, I am leaving the Happy Land of the Blonde.

I have enjoyed being blonde.  It suits my skin tone.  I like super white blonde hair.

BUT it costs too many $$ too often. *sigh*

Stay tuned – new hair tomorrow!


  1. Debbi Baker’s avatar

    Hello Caity!! I have just spent the last fifteen minutes (when I should be thinking about getting dinner started) reading your blog! You really crack me up – you have suchg a way with words. So glad you are joining the inchie swap! And yes – re several posts back – I would be happy to trade with you anytime! I even have a set of my green inchies left from the last swap if you want them. PS Love your work table! I relate…

    1. Caityquilter’s avatar

      Debbi, thanks! *blushes* I've been a fan of your art for such a long time! Working on my red inchies for the swap before I dare start any more….

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