Do you have ANY IDEA how frustrating it is to constantly read the word “Slip waxed paper in between the pages”… or variants thereof WHEN THERE IS NO WAXED PAPER TO BE HAD ANYWHERE?!!?

Seriously, every bookbinding/journaling technique I am reading now recommends this, and assumes it’s easy to get.


Not a single supermarket in town even STOCKS waxed paper anymore.  You used to be able to buy rolls of it, or packets of precut sheets, but NOOOOOO, not now!  Mr Beloved and I think it’s because those little zip-lock sandwich bags have become ubiquitous.

And no, silicone coated baking paper/”parchment” does NOT work as well.  *sigh*

Can anyone help me in locating and buying some? PLEASE?


  1. Kelley’s avatar

    Caity, are you talking about the stuff that you can (or, at least, used to be able to) buy in the supermarket, alongside the baking paper?

  2. Sue’s avatar

    I have got it at the supermarket – look for lunch wrap. They usually have a waxed verison. I will have a look for you when I go to the supermarket next, but it hasn’t been all that long since I bought some.

  3. Caitlin’s avatar

    Well I am really hoping that you both can find some – because I SWEAR I have looked high and low for it!!

    When rummaging through one of the art cupboards after I had posted this, I found a very crumpled end of a roll which I have even now cut into appropriate sized pieces and using between not quite dry yet pages…

  4. Marcie’s avatar

    Can’t find any down here in Victoria, either, I think everyone uses Gladwrap for their snadwiches these days. But it was such useful stuff! Sigh…

  5. gavin dovey’s avatar

    you can get it in duane read, cvs, or or rite-aid
    although, when i started in bookbinding , i never used and got along just fine.
    The reliance on it as a tool,suggests to me a difficiency in skill.It is usefull to use in when teaching a class of amateurs , where this may be the first time they have come into contact with adhesives.
    More work should be done in casing-in case making, and such skills as brush work, and working with alacrity.
    good luck , persevere and call on me if you need any further help

  6. Carole’s avatar

    Yes – I have the same problem – NO supermarkets in my area (Coffs Harbour) stock waxed paper anymore! Is it still manufactured?

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