Just put Skype on my computer.  Hmmm.  I can CHAT now! Cool!

Had another bed day today 🙁

Not much going on.

I did go to a Pfaff day at the local Pfaff shop yesterday.  I was disappointed that the new couching feet being demonstrated weren’t available for my very expensive machine – at only 5 years old, I expect better support than that on such a pricey item.  Guess who’s not going to be buying that brand next time??

I did enjoy the ruffler foot demo – but at $144, I won’t be buying one of those, either.  It would be nice, but I already have ruffler feet for my century old Singers!!

Ok – off to see who I can find online….


  1. Chriss’s avatar

    I am hte computer illiterate ( did I spell that right?) and have no idea what skype is or how it works…….but love that you have it and like it!

    1. Caitlin’s avatar

      Skype is a program that lets you talk – with real voices, like a telephone – on the computer (with a headset and mike) to other people for free. You can also just text chat. It’s super groovy!!

    2. Aless’s avatar

      Love love, love Skype- when it’s working well (no time lag)- as both of our kids live in another state and with all of us having monitor-top cameras, we can get to see each other as often as we like. And it’s free of course!

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