wah wah wah.

Another day of blah-ness.  Still SUPER tired – and I didn’t even get stay up late and watch the Formula One Grand Prix because – surprise SURPRISE SURPRISE – when you (and by “you” here I mean the Evil Power That Controls F1) schedule a race in the tropics  IN THE MIDDLE OF MONSOON SEASON in the late afternoon, IT GETS RAINED OUT.  A LOT.

Jenson wins in the wet

Jenson wins in the wet

This isn’t the first year, and it won’t be the last – but honestly, when the race gets red flagged at not even half way – well, booo hissss! I don’t want the drivers or the cars to come to harm: the race HAD to be stopped, it was ridiculous. But why in MONSOON SEASON, huh? WHY?? *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

At least all this jumping up and down in a rage counts as exercise, yes?

Hmmm, what other news?  Well … I haven’t been sewing. There are several (completely lame-o) reasons for this:

  • I’m tired (yeah, wah wah wah)
  • I can’t seem to keep the table cleared off for long enough to lay out fabric, pin the pattern to it, and get it cut out
  • My sewing machine is overdue for a service (and this is possible the LAME-EST excuse of all, because in fact I own *mumblety- three* sewing machines at last count.)
  • oh, and here’s a good one-  I’m feeling too fat to sew.  Yep, that’s right, I’m feeling frumpy so rather than sewing myself something fun and enjoying wearing it, I’m moping about and being grumpy about having nothing to wear.

It’s my head, I never said it had to make sense….

Tomorrow I’m off to see YAED (Yet Another Expensive Doctor).  Last week’s YAED was the dermatologist, who changed the long term antibiotics I’m on, said to take them for another 2 months, and call him if the rash came back when I stopped taking them.  Ummm, guess what?  I missed 3 tablets and it’s BAAAAACK, like some sort of horror movie freak show skin-itching DEMON.  I remembered to take the medicine today so hopefully it will calm down again – but sheesh!

And did I mention the wonderful side effect of itchy itchy ITCHY OH MY GOSH PASS ME THE GARNET PAPER I NEED TO SAND MY SKIN OFF IT’S SO ITCHY skin when I go into the sun? No?  Oh well, probably only a MINOR side effect…

And tomorrow’s YAED is the gynaecologist – will I spare you the gruesome details?  Dear Reader, will you survive the SUSPENSE?!


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  1. sheila’s avatar

    Hi Caity,

    Thanks for commenting on my jacket, I think the faux double breasted look may be the way to go.

    Great blog… great sense of humor. Glad to know I am not alone in trying to keep to an exercise schedule, which is hard to do when I just really want to sew. So this week was a no gooder… I didn’t exercise one day this week….uggh. Oh and have definitely been in the mode where I feel too fat to sew, but just as quickly will slap on a spanx and start the sewing machine motor…lol

    Interesting, I have two members in my family that are avid motor sport fiends. My DB and DH, I can’t cook a decent meal without them bombarding the kitchen TV and tuning into Nascar or whatever motor sport race is going on – mind you there are other TVs in the house…lol

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