The latest issue of Taunton’s THREADS magazine

Threads April/May 2009

Threads April/May 2009

OMFSM!!*  This latest issue of Threads magazine, issue 142, has got to be the BEST EVER!!  And I have every single issue from issue 53, June /July 1994. So that’s really saying something!

(and no, you can’t borrow them.  Unless I really really trust you and value our friendship. And know where you live.)

You know how sometimes you get the latest mag (not just Threads, any magazine) and flick through going “Ho hum same-o same-o yawn blah”? And then sometimes you get an issue and every turn of the page IS EXACTLY SOMETHING YOU NEED RIGHT NOW?


It’s not just that this is a fitting special – although obviously, given my changing shape and my desire to actually wear clothes that show I have a waist (YAY!) I’m getting a lot out of that; no, it’s also got a super groovy article on splicing knits (swoon!)…

Connie Long's article on splicing knits looks like fun...

Connie Long's article on splicing knits looks like fun...

(you don’t think they could look too star-trekky, do you?  I mean, that’s the appeal of CURVES over straight lines, but still…)

… and another neat article on various hem finishes .  As well as the usual gorgeous image on the back cover of a divine vintage garment.  Oh, and the Quick to make wrap…. and the gallery of winners of the Threads/ Association of Sewing and Design Professionals challenge… and oooh, the article on making fabric roses, I always like new techniques for those, and….

Well. I’m kinda keen, as you can tell.

No brown paper bags or affils, yada yada – I’m obviously just a huge fan of the mag and the consistently clear photos and instructions.

Now I’m off for a quick cuppa with my bestest sewing buddy (yay!) and then some more sewing on the “MacFractured” wrap skirt before Pilates class.  Whew!

*oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster.



  1. Sue’s avatar

    It is a great issue and the March Burda… *magazine bliss*

    1. Caitlin’s avatar

      *pouts* I am going to have to find a way to subscribe – waiting for it in the newsagents is TORTURE!!

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