Didn’t sleep well last night, one of the mysteries of the universe, that…

So as I was lying in bed this morning debating whether or not to get up (Caity’s Conscience: “But you missed gym yesterday!” Caity’s Rationalisation: “But I can’t train EVERY day…”) when my BFF texted me: “Shoe shopping after gym?”

WELL!! Caity’s Conscience and Caity’s Rationalisation both got a swift kick in the behind and out the door!  Once I got there I *was* just going to do my weights program…but I’ve been dancing around the idea of joining the Ki Max class (group class with lots of boxing and kicking, 4 people to a standing bag) and when one of the other newbies I’d spoken to recently was doing I thought – why not?

Another newbie for the class?!

Another newbie for the class?!

IT WAS AWESOME!!  It really oughta be illegal to have that much fun while actually doing a good workout AND getting to smash the (imagined) anatomy of various people who have aroused my anger.

*side-strike side-strike back-hand* THAT’S for your pr0n collection, 2nd husband!

*jab jab hook* and THAT’S for your not processing my bank transfer in a timely matter, big bank!

*thingummy whose name I can’t remember but where you hit upwards  – body strike?* OOOMPH!  and TAKE THAT, rude checkout chicky babe!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. The release!!! The HIGH!!! The satisfaction!

I have never sweated so much in my entire life.  I had to stop and sit down a coupla times, but WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!  Of course, it helped that one of the gym owners was giving us three newbies our own little tutorials – how good is that service?

The only baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad thing was that because I did the class at the last minute, I had to use the old sweaty gloves that are kept in reserve … omg, the PONG!!!  So before next Friday I will do as everyone else does, and buy my own gloves.

I am amazed how far I’ve come in that last twelve months – I do need to be reminded (perhaps LOUDLY, dear readers!) of that.

Now I am taking my sore shoulders and abs for a nice soak in the bath.

(I'll probably NOT be wearing my ruby lipstick, though!)

(I'll probably NOT be wearing my ruby lipstick, though!)

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  1. Annie Morris’s avatar

    Aww, Why NOT wearing your ruby lipstick.. be decadent!!!

    I’ve been very sore the last week, so I haven’t posted your tea off yet, but today we went to Gold Creek again, and I found yet another tea for you to try! Also grabbed a few of their sampler packs including a white tea with rose petals for you to try.

    As soon as this %T@$^( hip lets me get to the Post office it will be coming your way, prolly Tuesday, as Monday is Canberra Day.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better than your last post.

    Often times, just before we make a radical, final break from old habits, you get very angry and frustrated and you’ll either retreat or move forward. Sounds like you’ve chosen to move forwards!

    Live with PASSION!

    1. Caitlin’s avatar

      Hmmm, Annie, ruby lippy in t he bath… I dunno, I reckon I’d manage to get it everywhere SOMEHOW or other!!

      You poor sweetie, hip pain is so miserable. Yay for pressies!! Woo hooooooooo!!

      I think perhaps you’re right about making the break from old habits – when I consider my history of moving on (from one long term relationship in particular!) I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrated and angry – and once it was done the forwards momentum was wonderful!

      Hmmmmm…. forwards, chaps and chapesses!

    2. Sue’s avatar

      Ki-max high….

      1. Caitlin’s avatar

        KI MAX ROCKS!!! I can’t believe how good that class was! (oooh, and how sore my shoulders were the next day, ouch!)

      2. catsmum’s avatar

        if you can drag that tired ass over to my blog I left something for you

        1. Caitlin’s avatar

          Susan, Heading over to your blog RIGHT NOW!

        2. Maria’s avatar

          is that Judy Garland in the bath?

          1. Caityquilter’s avatar

            Sorry, Maria, no – just a random image, I think, can't remember where I sourced it 🙁

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