New (old) skirt

New (old) skirt

So remember a few posts back (before the blog was Hjørsejacked for the nano song) I mentioned I was reworking a skirt?  Here it is.

(As you can see, I still have quite a way to go on getting rid of the tummy *sigh*.  I think I’m doing SO well and then I see a photo of myself and get all discouraged.)

Mr Beloved says this is NOT the most flattering outfit, and he’s right; but at least I have a wearable skirt for a little while.  And the trim is so much fun!


Ribbons (mostly from the stash), some measuring tape (which may have belonged to my Nana – or someone else’s Nana, I do seem to get a lot of inherited craft bits and bobs!) that had suffered an unfortunate accident with a rotary cutter; and a flurry of tulle at the hem. (also unintentional but inevitable trim: small feathers from the cockatiels, cat fur, and poodle hairs.)

Anyway, I’m happy with it, it’s a fun skirt to wear, and even though I ended up pretty much remaking the darn thing from scratch, it was worth doing.  PLEASE tell me honestly what you think of the skirt!!

(if you’re interested, the review is here on Pattern Review)

Now if only the new Ottobre Woman magazine would come so I could make some other patterns up….

Meanwhile, I’m off the to the gym for Pilates class.  I went to the physiotherapist (again) today and he worked out that I have some residual nerve damage from my glorious ankle twist of mid January… also that I have long-standing issues with my C6-C7 neck joint which are in fact the cause of some of my wrist weakness and pain. Huh!  I also have ulna/radius joint weakness as well, so it’s lost more rehabilitation exercises for me and even more phsyiotherapist appointments… it never ends!!  Who knew that hyper-flexible joints were such a problem?

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  1. Chris’s avatar

    I think it’s a cute skirt and that you did a good job of redesigning it to fit you. And while not the most flattering garment for you it would be great for a day at the fair or a picnic. I love the ribbons! Also I think it might look good with a lighter color top, to accent a color in the ribbons or hemband.

  2. Caitlin’s avatar

    Ah, good idea, Chriss! Will have to try it with my pink tshirt…

  3. Sherril Miller’s avatar

    I was just thinking how nice and slim you’re looking. I’m quite jealous, actually. It’s a fun skirt, not to be taken too seriously. BTW, I love the blond. ~Sherril~

    1. Caitlin’s avatar

      Thanks so much, Sherril! There are days when I wonder if going to the gym is making a difference – but I KNOW it must be!

    2. Sharon’s avatar

      I love your skirt, especially the ribbons along the edge. You’re going to have so much fun wearing it. Just be prepared for all the people who are going to want to know where you found it 🙂

      1. Caitlin’s avatar

        Sharon, LOL! I live in a very conservative town – other sewists appreciate it, but the majority of passers by in the mall the other day were somewhat bemused. I think I’ll have to make it my mission to bring more shocking colour into their lives!

      2. 2paw’s avatar

        I LOVE your skirt!! I think it is so clever to add the vertical ‘fringe’ of wonder!!!
        Truly, you look fine. It’s that thing they do on ‘How to look good naked’ where you always overestimate your size. I do it too!!!

        1. Caitlin’s avatar

          Thanks, sweetie! I think I have another skirt that is going to get a (similar but different) makeover… maybe more restrained (ahem – maybe not!!) but definitely longer and even more striking!

          Thanks also for the reminder of “How to Look Good Naked” (love that show, even if I’ve only seen the US version!) – I am still clinging to an outdated image in my mind, I think. Might be time to take some hard photos and redraw the croquis

        2. lisette’s avatar

          caity you look stunning! the photo unfolded before me and i thought ‘wow she lost more weight’ and ‘cute skirt’ in that order. trust me you look great 🙂

          hugs for doing so well

          1. Caitlin’s avatar

            Awww, Lisette, thanks! The gym is really working! (so much so that I’m about to cut another seam into this same skirt to get a few MORE wears out of it, LOL!)

          2. Naiiad’s avatar

            Caity, you’re looking hot!

            Also, blonde is a good colour for you.

            1. Caitlin’s avatar

              *blushes* Thanks, Naiiad! I was blonde naturally until puberty and I like going back to being blonde every so often – my skin looks so pale then though, LOL!

            2. Karen B’s avatar

              Caity – you look fabulous !! Truly ruly !! That skirt is soooooo colourful and pretty and fun and gorgeous and and and and and looks good with the black T, but would like to see it with another colour T. Maybe shocking pink or bright green?
              Toowoomba needs a liven up out of the BEIGE/WHITE world of the Cocky’s wives and you’re just the chick to do it. Keep it up – did I tell you how terrific you look?
              (From brrmm @ PRSDU)

              1. Caitlin’s avatar

                Hey Karen brrmmmm! Thanks!! Toowoomba could certainly do with livening up – oooh ,the number of women of a certain age with their beige skirts and their prissy gingham blouses with the collars all turned up just so…. I think they’re TERRIFIED of standing out!

              2. catsmum’s avatar

                my God woman you are positively fading away before my eyes! you look FABULOUS

                1. Caitlin’s avatar

                  Susan, ta! I'm trying….

                  I can't wait til I can wear more flattering clothes in smaller sizes again – it's been a loooooooooooong time!

                2. kirsty’s avatar

                  Like Lisette, my reaction was “Wow! Look how much weight Caity’s lost!” followed by “Love the skirt!”
                  You look sensational blonde and the skirt is very cool.
                  Go you!!!!!!!

                  1. Caitlin’s avatar

                    Kirsty, thanks ever so!! It’s good that it has reached a noticeable stage, LOL!

                    I must get offline and go SEW some more stuff to wear – yippee!

                  2. JayLene (The Twinnie)’s avatar

                    How GORGEOUS do you look? My oh my I am so proud of your an all the wonderful accomplishments you are making. I miss you so very much. I miss when we used to schedule our weekend chats. You are in my thoughts so very, very often. I hope you know that I love and care about it – I hope you think of me from time to time. *Hugs*

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