… so back at my house, we have only acquired full length mirrors quite recently.  And I generally manage to avoid them by keeping them strategically filthy, so I can’t REALLY see myself in them, just a quick passing glance.

But here in my brother and sister-in-law’s house, the room I am staying  in has MIRRORS.

The ubiquitous "shot in the mirror" picture

The ubiquitous "shot in the mirror" picture

BIG mirrors. The kind you CANNOT AVOID.


Naked Caity is NOT something even *I* want to witness first thing in the morning, let me tell you!

And I just got out the scales. NOT GOOD. *sigh* I didn’t think I had been over-eating, but obviously I was wrong.   Thing is, I FEEL better.  I can walk more – in fact, as soon as it’s a little bit cooler, Bidgee is taking me for a rousing game of Stick in River.  I’m still tired all the time, but feeling a little bit stronger, y’know?

But the weight loss stuff needs to get back on track.  SERIOUSLY.  (Not that I’m going to be all prissy tomorrow – you should SEE the feast my lovely sister-in-law and Mum have been working on!)

My lovely sister-in-law, Eunju, peeling prawns for the feast

My lovely sister-in-law, Eunju, peeling prawns for the feast


Well, time to stop moaning about it and go out and do some interval training with the dog.  (In my interpretation, we walk for a bit, then run for a bit, then both stop and pant for a bit, then run for a bit….)


Caity the waddler

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  1. Warty Mammal’s avatar

    I, too, dislike mirrors when I’m naked. After childbirth, I acquired a new body part I not-so-lovingly call “The Blob”. I’ll leave its particulars to your imagination.

    You know, though, you’re looking good. There are definite curves. I think that if you compared to a photo from a year or two years ago, you’d feel cheered.

    Just keep going. Don’t worry about yesterday’s overeating or the scale popping up. I’ve been running into the same thing lately. “Retaining water,” my husband says wisely. “Retaining s*** is more like it,” I reply, but he’s probably right.

    Adelaide is beautiful. Lived there for awhile as a little kid, and even at that age it made a lasting impression on me.

    I hope you are having a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!

  2. Sue’s avatar

    Enjoy the prawns and stop looking at the mirror and the scales! Hope you are having a great day!

  3. catsmum’s avatar

    well your SIL is a better woman than I … i just plonked the plateful of prawns on the table and made ’em peel their own !

  4. Chriss’s avatar

    You look brilliant Caity, and you have made such an effort this last 12 months. Its not falling off the wagon that is the problem, it is geting back on it and not giving up! Which you refuse to do, so allgood thngs will come to you. Slow and steady and living life willbring you sucess. A brillaint Christmas holiday to you and all your family.
    Much love.

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