PINK! And other happy things

Ok, just so we’re clear, I don’t mean THIS Pink -(tho I LOVE her!)


Yep, I was bored at the hairdressers today – bored with being grey.  So – if I’m going to colour my hair, I thought, why not COLOUR it?!

Pink! I like PINK!

Pink! I like PINK!

And although the weight loss is still slowed waaaaaaaaay down, I’m feeling better about it and back to counting calories.  I thought you needed to see me posing in front of our suburb’s emblem: the abandoned car surrounded by unmown lawn.  CLASSIC!

AND – I had the NICEST thing happen to me today!  You know I just ADORE our local fabric heaven, Gardam’s, right?  Well, I went in to pick up a layby (pics to follow soon, I promise) only to have the lovely manager hand me an envelope and explain that it was a gift certificate from Mr and Mrs Gardam!  YOU COULD HAVE KNOCKED ME OVER WITH A FEATHER!

Of course I spent it immediately on more yummy fabric, LOL!  Seriously, their store has the best service and fabric – there were some young things in there today making choices for bridesmaid dresses and I promise you, these would NOT be  “Bridesmaid Dresses” – you know, the ones that are so unspeakably awful that you look at the photos and cringe – no, these girls were playing with  gorgeous silk chiffons over some luxe duchess satins – soooo pretty!

And now I must go and retrieve my new fabric from the washing machine – by the time Miss Constance and I get back from our walk, it will be ready to iron, cut out and sew – wheeeeeeeeeeee!! Another iteration of the fabulous trapeze dress from McCall’s 5583, this time in a rayon/poly/nylon blend that has an interesting (almost looks like velvet but it’s not) texture in black – prefect in case I get to go out some evening on holidays.  And now I know that dress doesn’t need a zip, it’s even quicker to make.

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  1. Sue’s avatar

    Love, love, love it…

  2. Marcie’s avatar

    Gorgeous colour, you do look happy!

  3. Leah’s avatar

    Great pink, and you’re looking just fabulous!

  4. Warty Mammal’s avatar

    You look great! What a happy color. And cheers for Gardam’s and the gift certificate!

  5. Chriss’s avatar

    I’m with Sue, you look fabulous!! And the new dress will be brilliant too. Happy Holidays!

  6. brrmm’s avatar

    Ooooh I lerve pink (the colour) too. And your hair is fabulous darhlink!!!

  7. Susan - Knitters Delight’s avatar

    Great color! Very spunky. Bravo!

  8. Him Beako’s avatar

    You and Gumby – suddenly it all makes sense!

    Seriously, very fun – a blaze of joy.

    (I’m enjoying having time on my hands today just to catch up with Your and His prolific bloggings)

  9. Annie Morris’s avatar


    I love it! Talk about your true colours! I am so glad you found your ‘proper’ colours as it were.

    Just looking at the difference between this picture and the pictures in your sidebar, you’ve come a hell of a long way. Be proud!…. Be PINK!

  10. catsmum’s avatar

    if I can spend most of the year purple, then you can be PINK

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