Certain people at a group I won’t name but will no longer be associated with in any way need to read this:

Maybe this is even too advanced for them....

Maybe this is even too advanced for them....

and stay the heck out of things they know nothing about.


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  1. Brenda’s avatar

    Some people just don’t get it [but still make trouble]. Sigh…

  2. TeaBot 5000™ v3.0’s avatar

    I was moved by your story, and created a piece of commemorative art.

  3. Sue’s avatar

    Teabot – I’m with you – love the pictorial…

    Caity – chin up – you tried to help them move into this century but the ignorant prevailed!

    Time to move on…

  4. Nicole’s avatar

    duh. feel like i’ve missed something but i can probably work it out. truly chickie – i’m sure they never deserved your brilliance, innovation and sassiness anyway!

  5. kirsty’s avatar

    Teabot, that’s one quilting project I’d pay to see!!! (or maybe not. I feel a bit queasy at the thought of it, actually)

    Caity, let them eat worms. They don’t deserve your efforts or thoughts. Move on, Oh Fabulous One, move on…

  6. Annie Morris’s avatar

    OMFSM! You’re KIDDING. Yes I am yelling. That is just truly pathetic.

    Ye Gods, I hope this isn’t an omen – I’m just about to design a website/blog for Queanbeyan Quilters…

    Hear hear Kirsty! They don’t deserve you Caity. There are some that will just NEVER get it. Keep in touch with those that you like and bugger the meetings and the rest of the )(*& that seems to follow groups of women (of a certain age and over).

  7. Naiiad’s avatar

    I followed Ryno’s link.

    Wow. Some people’s kids!

  8. Tanya Brown’s avatar

    Oh dear. Oh dear. Yes, I think I’d be feeling a bit snarly also.

  9. catsmum’s avatar

    it’s totally their loss – you’re too good for ’em anyhoo

  10. catsmum’s avatar

    and totally off topic, you’ve been awarded so check my blog for details

  11. Chriss’s avatar

    I’m totally flabbergasted, thoughts are with you, they are sooo stupid. I’m with Sue, time to move on. Thanks for what you have done in the past, it wasa brilliant thought but I think they have missed the point…..

  12. Chriss’s avatar

    And I love your blog.

  13. jo’s avatar

    we need to meet up and commiserate! I work thurs/fri at the library

  14. Karen’s avatar

    it all becomes clear.

    seriously reconsidering my thought to join the TQC….I’ll just keep the rest of you

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