New Look 3735: Short sleeved T Shirt

New Look 3735: Short sleeved T Shirt

Please excuse the awful photo – Mr Beloved is having a nana nap after getting quite stressed out by noise.  This was done with the camera self timer!

Pattern Description: Lovely wearable collection for knit fabrics – a 3/4 sleeve top, and cap sleeved top, cardigan with belt, skirt, and pants.

New Look 6735

New Look 6735

Pattern Sizing: 10-22 in the one envelope.  I made a straight 22 with no alterations at all – not even my usual D/DD Full Bust Alterations!

New Look 6735

New Look 6735

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

YES! Other reviewers have liked the fit and those curves in the illustration on the envelope are really there – WOOHOOO!! (I’ve been caught before by over-optimistic illustrators, so I was pleasantly surprised that the promised shaping was delivered.)  And I bought this pattern for $5 when it was on sale, so I reckon I’ve already got my moneys worth our of this one!

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Yes, but… for my first run through I followed them exactly – and I sure won’t next time. I do not understand why pattern companies insist on inserting only-very-slightly-eased sleeves in the round, when sewing them in flat is so much easier.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
Quick, fits me straight out of the envelope! The scoop neckline shaping is super flattering, the sleeves look like they’ll be too short but they really work, and the centre back seam really improves the fit. Best of all is the gentle gathering of the front sides at the bustline – not enough to look like gathers, just enough to make a beautiful fit.

Fabric Used:
ARRGGGH! The cheapest, awfullest knit you ever did see – only $1 per metre at a Spodshite clearance and now I know why! It stretched out of shape and didn’t bounce back; it was super-soft and so was tricky to sew, and I don’t expect it to last more than two washes! This was only a wearable(?) muslin though, so I’m not worried.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:

None this time BUT: next time I will:

  • stabilise the neckline before binding it
  • stabilise the hem and sleeve hems with fusible tape before I hem them
  • use the overlocker (serger) for most of the construction
  • shape the bottom seam into a gentle curve at front and back, so I can wear the shirt out over my waistband.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I’ve got fabric in the washing machine right now to sew into two more tonight… I LOVE this top! I’d certainly recommend it to others, especially beginners or those (like me!) lacking confidence in sewing
knits. Just remember to put the sleeves in flat (before you sew the side seams) and I reckon you can make this in no time.


A beautifully fitted quick and easy t-shirt that will become a TNT (Tried and True) pattern for me.


And in other news today: went back to the gastroenterologist  –  keep taking the drugs for reflux, lose more weight, yada yada.

Next in the sewing pile – a pirate shirt for the TeaBot 5000™.  Years and years ago – maybe SEVENTEEN years ago, in fact ! – he asked me to make him a shirt. Better late than never – the fabric is almost dry on the washing line: black with a print of grey pirate skull and crossbones (sideways in this image):

Complete with late afternoon silhouette

Complete with late afternoon silhouette

About to become this shirt (Butterick 4486)

Ahoy there mateys, it's a PIRATE SHIRT!

Ahoy there mateys, it's a PIRATE SHIRT!

unless, of course, I decide to cut out those other two new t-shirts first….

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  1. Sue’s avatar

    yup – I have used that fabric – only wirth the sales prices but good for a muslin – wear it, enjoy it , don’t expect it to last !

  2. Tanya Brown’s avatar

    Aha! So you and the TeaBot have a History! I smell an interesting story.

  3. Chriss’s avatar

    Check you out!! What a hottie!!! Love that look and the shape. Also that t shirt, no matter how short a time it lives on this earth….

  4. TeaBot 5000™ v3.0’s avatar

    Yes, Tanya, we go a long way back…

    Basically, it’s been all these years, just to get the Queen Of Procrastination to make the bloody shirts!

    Obviously there’s more, but it would be hard to tell without being seen as less-than-nice about other people.

  5. connie’s avatar

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Yours is wonderful- I love your “makeover” in the previous post- so tres chic!

  6. connie’s avatar

    Whoop sorry – two comments! I had to add that it was your friend Sue’s post on the Patrones that she won- and the accompanying pics that MADE me go out and find a way to subscribe!

  7. Lindi’s avatar

    Like the look of that pattern – i’m eyeing off the skirt!

  8. Sherril Miller’s avatar

    Caity, thanks for reviewing this pattern. Because it fit you so well, I decided it would work for me since we have similar body types, except I wish I was as tall. It’s all cut out, cardigan included, for me to sew this week. I really hope mine turns out as nice.

  9. Nicole’s avatar

    you will not believe this – but I have actually bought the same pattern down here in canberra a few weeks ago! I loved the shape of the shirts and pants! I had to go pull it out of its bag to see if it was the same pattern! ah, kindred spirts.

    You look fab. Of course.

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