Still sick.  Been in bed most of the week.  BORED!! So I must be getting better – although my cough is still quite scary and the aches are undiminished *sigh*

Also, it’s very very hard to lose weight when all you do is sleep and eat.  Funny that.

Today was, however, a Good Mail Day: The latest  Quilts Japan; the new Threads, the latest Cloth Paper Scissors – and two patterns from Christine Johnson (the wrap dress, and the princess top/shirred top pattern).

Read two Charles Stross novels yesterday (Glasshouse and Halting State).  Brilliant sci fi writing – Glass House references one of my faves (The Forever War by Joe Haldeman)  as well as a lot of other sci fi; but don’t even ATTEMPT Halting State unless you’re at least marginally familiar with computer science/A D&D/sysadmin work.  If you have a working knowledge of those, then you’ll love it.

Also in recent reading: three of the Sir Baldwin de Furneshill series by Michael Jecks – 14th Century murder mysteries; another couple of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Count Saint Germain series (which is far more an excuse to write about interesting historical periods than blood & gore vampire stuff.)

No new sex-and- shopping finds – although I am waiting on several on the reserves list at the local library.

All of which is merely a lead in to showing you this (very rough, he didn’t want me to post it!) cartoon by Mr Beloved about my reading habits:

Click for bigger; the caption reads:

Chocolate-eating Vampire Quilters in Manolos Go Shopping For Love.

Yep, I’d read that – would’t you?!



  1. Dianne Cahill’s avatar

    Caity – Pleeeeeeeeeease get well soon! At least you can get some reading in.

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